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scared and pregnant - March 9

So, I have caught my man flirting with one of his clients via email. (Yea,it was wrong to check up on him, but woman's intuition is a bi*ch) And when I confronted him He told me that at one point he and this girl were going to go out, but nothing ever happened. So she knows of me, because in the last email she says she doesn't want to go out with him because she wants to respect me blah blah blah. I cried and talked to him and cried some more, but decided that I would believe him that it was just flirting and believe that he wouldn't do it again. This was a few months ago. Now today, I had the feeling and i see another email from her back and forth with him and he asks about her boyfriend and she says that they broke up. I am pregnant with this mans child and I want to make him understand that flirting isn't right, because this chick obviously likes him and if he doesn't have any intentions than he shouldn't lead her on and if he does have intentions than he needs to tell me he doesn't love me and I don't want to tell him I checked up on him because I don't want to be the crazy pregnant girlfriend. Am I just crazy and flirting shouldn't bother me so much or what should I do???? Please help, I am crying as I type this because I don't know what to think - Am I right to think flirting is wrong or Am I wrong to think that flirting is wrong?....please help! I know he is not going out with this girl because we are always together when we are not at work, but I still think that by him flirting with her it is wrong, especially because I am pregnant....


nica - March 10

It IS wrong. He needs to change his att_tude. Maybe you should show him what you posted to get it through to his thick stupid head that he is DOING THE WRONG THING BY YOU! You're the mother of his child, dammit! Good luck and keep us posted.


tina - March 10

What an A**hole...He is totally in the wrong, especially beacause you are having his child, If it were me i'd restrict him from the computer and oh well if he doesn't like it,that's what he gets for not being trustworthy...Are you guys married?


umm...yah,WEIRD - March 10

.. welll she did put "crazyy pregnant girlfriend" so i doubt it but anywya dont let your man walk all over you,you deserve more attention now than ever before and if he does not see that then maybe he should just find someone else...because that is just so complteely selfsih and RUDE...good luck and congrats on your pregnancy! *BTW *just to keep in mind if hes doing this now...what makes you think it wont happen again,and in an even worse matter..just think about it


scared and pregnant - March 10

I know that it is wrong, just sometimes I need to hear it from other people. I tried to talk to him. He said that it is just innocent fun and he doesn't want anyone but me. I told him that it hurts me and asked how he would feel if he was in my shoes. He says he knows he wouldn't like it and he wouldn't do it anymore. I want to believe him, but I am still going to watch him, just to be safe - a girls gotta watch out for herself and her lil one.



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