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kristina1980 - November 14

Hi ladies, I am a first time mom, my DD is little over three months. I started to take BC because I didn't want to get pregnant again. However my period are very long. my first one lasted 7 days, this second one is almost 10 days today, and it's still heavy. Any advice??? 2. I started to play with thought about having baby #2. However i suffer from depression and I had to go back on meds when DD was 3 weeks. I feel fairly good, i am enjoing being mom. Do you think is a good idea? if so, when is the best time to start seriously trying?


tryin44 - November 15

I think it is fairly common for many to want a baby soon after having one. I did that between #1 and #2. They are 13.5 months apart. Then #3 and #4 are 23 months apart. I have a 4 week old and am not having anymore (DH's orders) and I have had a very hard time accepting this. I know I don't need more kids but am sad that it will not be happening for me again. Having them close together has been fun for us but it is a bit hard and I haave felt guilty for thye older baby because they do loose attention I feel before they are ready. It never seemed to affect them negatively but I still felt sorry for them.


Krissy25 - November 19

Hi Kristina, i don't know if you remember me, i am with the August momies and you came on a few times. I'm glad to hear that being a mom is going well for you. When did you end up having your baby? I had mine on August 6th. Dh and i talk about another baby, my dh would like to try now but he is not the one who is home all day, LOL. Being pregnant was a really positive experience for me and so has being a mother but i know for me i need to wait a while. I just really want to enjoy this time with my dd and when we do have baby #2 i would like for her to be potty trained so i'm not just changing diapers all day long. That's just how i feel though. There are a lot of positive things about have kids close together, lIke the bonding between siblings. I don't have any advice for the heavy periods as i still have not had mine. I guess if we did want another soon that might be a problem.


kristina1980 - November 19

hi ladies, thanks for response. Yes, Krissy I remember, I had my daughter Aug 8th. she was 8.5 and 22''. She was nice surprise for my hubby, since we didn't know what we're having. he wanted daughter, i didn't mind. and she looked just like him when she came out. I love being mom, even though as I mentioned I suffered from PPD. I asked my hubby about baby #2 and despite his age 47 he agreed!!! I am not 100% sure yet, but getting there. So I will start to get in shape soon, but will not try till my little one is at least 6 months. I don't mind so much the diapers but I'm worried about the attention deficit. we'll see.


Krissy25 - November 19

Wow your baby was long, are you and your dh tall? My dd, Jacquelyn, was 8 lbs 4oz and 20.5 in long. It's been so amazing having her and i'm just so happy being a mom. I'm sorry to hear you are having the ppd. I had the baby blues for a few weeks but nothing serious. I am a little lonely though, i wish there were some stay at home moms in my neighborhood. It's basically me and the baby all day until my dh comes home. Are you working? I know you were working a lot before the baby was born with your business. I'm really enjoying not working right now but i think i will eventually start to look for some part time work as long as my MIL will look after dd other wise i don't think it would be worth it with daycare and all.


kristina1980 - November 20

hi, yes, we are both tall, hubby 6'3'' I am 5'9''. I am actually not working except the last few days. OUr employee's BF had bad car crash so she is taking care of him right now, but only until tomorrow. so today I worked like 9 hours. and had to have Tiara (dd) with me. I like being home, but also feel lonely. we live in Alaska, and everybody lives so far apart, and now it snowed so it's dangerous to drive. but I will start to go swimming with her, she loves water, and I am taking her to story times in library, even though she is too little, but at least i have some adult intervention. i am planning to go to school for one cla__s as well, cause my english vocabulary is vanishing rapidly. I'm not native speaker. I speak to my daughter all day in my language, and I can feel it. I'm not worried about PPD. I was treated for depression the past 5 years, I rather be on meds than to neglect my baby. I will stop though when we decide to have another one. I did stop with Tiara as well and had great pregnancy. Ok, talk to you later.


Krissy25 - November 20

Kristina that is a very pretty name for your daughter. Wow i didn't know you lived in Alaska. I imagine it must be very beautiful but i can only imagine the isolation. What is your nativie language? I can't tell by your writing that you are forgeting anything. Swimming sounds like fun, i want to go to the ymca and do some of that with Jacquelyn. I was a swimmer myself and i taught swim lessons so i'm hoping to be able to teach her how to swim at a young age.


MNMOM - November 27

Kristina- give your body a chance to rest and recuperate from the first pregnancy! I would recommend starting ttc once your child is 12 months old, your body really needs this much time to recover.


kristina1980 - November 29

hi ladies, sorry it takes me so long to answer, but baby keeps me busy. Krissy, my native language is Slovak, I am from Slovak Republic (next to Ukraine(russia). Yeah Alaska is beautiful, but there's not much to do unless you an outdoor person, but literally outdoor. I might go to swimming pool tomorrow. MNMOM, thanks for your advice. I know now, that my body is not ready, I am getting sharp pain here and there in my lower body, so I know it's still adjusting and my hair is still falling off a bit. I will try at leas till Tiara is 6 months. than stop pills and TTC. I know it will take us at leas 4-6 months if that quick. It took us half a year with this one, and I was very regular. ok ladies got to go.


MNMOM - November 30

kristina- I spent some time in ukraine and then also st peterburg russia and moscow when I was in college. what a small world. Your english is great. Good luck as a new mom!



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