5 Months Pp And Still Sore Quot Down There Quot

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Kiersten - May 9

The t_tle pretty much sums it up. I still get really uncomfortable at times with my dh. It's not always painful, but every now and then it feels like I'm a virgin all over again. Ha-ha. Ouch. Any of you ladies in the same situation? Do I just have to wait it out or is there anything I can do to ease the discomfort? What have you all done that's helped you?


evae777 - May 9

kiersten, it will ease up! i hear it just takes longer for some women depending on how fast they heal and the birth.


Crystal83 - May 22

Are you still B'feeding? Sometimes that can make things a little drier than usual. I had a hard time for awhile until I realised I need to use some lubrication. It really does help even if it seems like you don't need it. I never thought I did until I tried some. Also make sure to warm up the oven really well before putting the roast in..if you know what I mean...LOL!! It took me about a year to feel really comfortable and no pain after having my first.


Crystal83 - May 22

Also, I know with a baby you might not feel like it much, but the more you do it the less it hurts.


Kiersten - May 22

LOL Crystal!! Roast in the oven...yah I'm b'feeding. Plan on nursing for a year if he (baby) will let me. The lube thing is tricky as my man feels more "manly" if we don't use it. *roll eyes* It's not always bad, but especially on those times when you're like quick, the baby's sleeping! You know how for a few weeks after birth you feel that painful, heavy feeling down there? That's what it feels like some times. Lovely. I will go more for the lube though and try to convince him of his manhood despite it!! LOL Men!! :) Thanks for the reply.


Crystal83 - May 23

Just tell your hubby about how it's drier when b'feeding and it's a temporary thing. That might help him to feel better. Or tell him he has to work harder to get you worked up before intercourse if he doesn't want to use it! lol.


cors1wfe - May 23

LOL - you girls - I sometimes think there is some hidden camera in my world!! I told my dh - hey until I get back to normal if you want some then you will use - the lube that is.....after a few times he began to see how much it helps me and now he reaches for the lube like no big deal - most men will either work super hard to make sure we are good and warmed up or they will happily grab the lube - but most of our quickies are lube a__sisted...LOL ....Good luck you ladies made me crack up on a bad day thanks!



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