6wks Pp And No Period Maybe Prego Again

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debbie80 - May 4

Hello, I am almost 6wk pp and my husband and I had intercourse just a few days ago and we were not careful..I know! I have no idea when or if I ovulated yet. I know people can get pregnant right after birth but what are the chances?? Do you think I can test in 10 days and get an answer? Are all the pregnancy hormones out yet?? I do not want to be pregnant again so fast....I feel like my period is coming by getting mild cramps but I would get those to if I ovulated..I am stressing out so much!! Any advice??


clindholm - May 6

Are you b___stfeeding? That can delay your period. If not, most (not all) women usually get their period by 6 weeks. I would take a test around 2 weeks after you had s_x if you don't get your period. Alot of women are VERY fertile right after delivery. Good luck.


Mari26me - May 28

My daughter will be 10 months old next week and I still have not got my period. I just finished b___stfeeding when a few weeks ago. My doctor said it was normal that I still do not have my period, especially because I b___stfeed for 9 months.


Mari26me - May 29

just got my period today after almost 10 months PP


twin_desire - August 18

hey debbie80, so how did it turn out for you? as i had a baby 9 weeks ago and i stopped bleeding after 4 weeks and i still havent had a period. I am not b___stfeeding, but worried i might be pregnant again, as we have been using protection but thats not 100% what do you think my chances are? plus i think i am secretly wishing i am? is that madness or my post pregnancy hormones?


csws347 - September 3

twin_desire, it's not madness, and may not even be hormones. I know that I love being a mommy so much that I wouldn't freak out if I was pregnant so don't worry...Also, your hormones take forever to balance out. I stopped bleeding pp about 4 weeks also but didn't have my cycle for another two months. It just depends on how long it takes your body to balance out. I wouldn't reach for a pregnancy test yet, because it could give up your hopes.



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