7 Wks Post Partum And No Period Need Advice

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tracilo - February 3

Hi all! I have been driving myself crazy worrying about this and I need some advice! I will be 8 weeks post partum on 2/8 (this is my second baby and I have been formula feeding from day one) and I feel like my body is going crazy on me. I bled for the first 3 weeks after delivery, then it finally tapered off and stopped. After I had stopped bleeding for a few days, DH and I fooled around some, but there was no penetration, although we did come close. A day or 2 after that I had some cramping and bright red spotting. I thought it was my period starting, but it went away after one day. I went about another week with nothing but some egg-whitish CM (Sorry if that's TMI) then at about 6 weeks post partum I started cramping again and had some more spotting. I told my Dr about it at my PP appt and he said it was probably my period starting, however after only one day it stopped again. I want to do the mirena for birth control since I am not wanting to have anymore kids anytime soon, and my dr will not put it in until I start my period. I feel like I'm NEVER going to start. I keep cramping and I'm still not starting! I know the chances of getting pregnant without actual penetration or ejaculation are slim, but I can't stop myself from freaking out thinking I'm pregnant again. I don't know how else to explain the weird cramping/spotting. I even went so far as to take a pregnancy test a couple of days ago. I thought I saw a faint line but DH couldn't see it and after a few minutes it went away so I'm thinking it was an evap line. All I know is I'm driving myself crazy worrying about it! Is any of this normal? Does anyone have any advice for me? Help!


Kaci5 - July 31

your doctor told you that? Weird. It takes about 3 months after you've had your baby, or after you stop b___stfeeding, for your periods to be normal. Actual periods during that time are possible but not common. Usually in this short time after you have had a baby, v____al or c section, it's your uterine wall breaking down and coming out (what helped feed the baby during pregnancy) and the cramping is your uterus shrinking back down to size. This should all be over in another month or so, even if you're b___stfeeding. The earliest you should expect a period, b___stfeeding or no, is 4 months out. Before that, it's recovery, it's fine. Calm down. I'm the worry queen, I know.


Kaci5 - July 31

also don't rely on those tests right now your hormones are CRAZY right now. And if this is different than your last, remember... Every pregnancy is different.


HappinessIsHugs - August 4

I went months and months after my first before I had my period, and I never even had a period between #2 and #3. So you are right to worry that you could get pregnant, but it's also probably likely that you just haven't started ovulating yet.



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