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.. - May 30

My newborn is a week and a half old. I cannot sleep AT ALL even when the baby is sleeping. I cry a lot, I get irritated with people easily, I have had a bad dream about somthing happening to my baby. I live in fear of SIDS, but i have never thought that I will ever hurt my baby or myself, which i would Never do. I have those other symptoms tho. Do I have postpartum depression?


to . . - June 18

I feel your pain! My baby is two months now and from the second I came home that's how I felt. I never wanted to harm myself or my baby, however I was and still am very down. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and most women go through this. I just started seeing someone for help so we'll see. Good luck and keep me posted!


jll - July 8

I also am always scared of sids with my 8 week old son, my 3 year old was the same way so I think its normal to worry about your babies because you love them so much


sara - August 3

my baby will be 4weeks old . It is my third . Iam so sad . I had a c-section third time too. Dont know what is wrong i feel so alone cant breathe.


kevyn - September 20

i worried constantly about sids with my first son. i think it will help if you read the statistics and stick to all the things they tell you to reduce sids. you need to have confidence that your precious baby will NOT be one of the ones who dies suddenly for no reason. think of these things : for YEARS women have had babies and plenty of them have been fine ( we arent exactly short on humans these days ) the risk for sids drops at 4 months, again at 6 months and is almost nil by 1 year of age.... it has ALWAYS helped me with any concern i have to keep looking forward... give yourself time frames like 'only two more months' much like i do with my older son NOW, when i feed him vegetables he doesnt want to eat... i tell him 'only two more bites!' etc... once 'we' made it to the four month spot i could sleep a little heavier, breath a little deeper.... then so on and so on. do what you can to reduce the risk and resign yourself to the fact that IF, and god forbid, your baby WERE to suffer sids... there was nothing more to your knowledge that you could do about it. k? it WILL get better and i highly doubt, yet hope AND pray, that your baby is not one of the statistics. good luck ok? i am on my second boy and it gets easier. i still wake at the drop of a coin but im doing again what i did with my first son, educating myself, taking the proper precautions, and leaving the rest up to God. and im very confident everything will be ok. oh and to answer your REAL question, i think you are acting very normal. you should feel GOOD about yourself that you are so worried about your baby. that means youre a good mom :)



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