A Little Long But Im Starting To Worry

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durante baby - November 1

Okay so i had my son Sept 2nd by c-section...On the 11th of september I went to urgent care due to high fevers and constant pain from the c-section.....my white blood cell count was 2900 (which is extreamly high and most seen in lukemia patients) normal range is between 600-900....thay wanted to throw me back in the hospital immediately but I refused so they sent me home with VERY strong anti-biotics. I seemed to get alot better, and my POD appt seemed to go well, but over the past two weeks I have had intence back pain (like you would get with a kidney infection) and 10 times more of a obsession for drinking water then i ever have...The other day I drank about three gallons in a day, and was still peeing dark yellow. So I finally went to urgent care yesterday, they took a urine sample and some blood and said my urine tested fine, but my white blood cell count was 1900 (still bad)....I asked if since kidney infection was ruled out if my infection could possibly be back, and he said with the anti-biotics you were on, NO WAY!! So when I asked him what he thought it could be he said he didnt know, but he thinks my back pain is muscle related...Then he felt around my stomach and said it was a little wierd cause he was pretty sure he was feeling my uterus still really high, and that it should have already shrunk back down behind my pelvic bone...so he endede up just telling me to make ANOTHER POD appt with my OB, and get in to see my primary dr as well....I then asked what he thought the obsession with water drinking was from and he said IDK ask your primary...... ..So I have 1900 white blood cell count, obsessive water drinking habits, and my uterus MAY NOT be where it is suppose to be, but it would be near impossible for my infection to be back again............Im so confuse ib what is going on, and I am acturally rather scared right now...Can anyone shine some light on this situation? What it could be? What exactly I should do? if I should worry?



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