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afireinsideamanda - October 28

i got a sling today, and i thought WOW, this will be great! ill have my hands again. its called infantino slingrider however, even though its for a baby up to twenty pounds, i placed her in there, just as the directions say and her neck is all crooked and she looks terribly uncomfortable. am i doing something wrong??? how can i make her neck more comfortable?? i think i must be doing something wrong ****************** as for the br___tfeeding deal, i br___tfed her for 15 days... but its become such a stress to me..(she kicked and screamed and cried and refused to eat...all day and all night, never slept, and i was exhausted) and the fact is, the doctor thinks shes colicy, and br___tfed babies are more prone to colic apparently... today i broke down and gave her formula. i cried so hard givin her that first bottle...and kept saying im sorry madelyn, im sorry... but honestly, she was stressing me out so much the milk wouldnt even come out of my br___ts...this morning i squeezed and squeezed and it wouldnt... even though i can obviuosly feel it in there .... anyway, enfamil lipil with iron is supposed to be the closest to br___t milk possible and she seems to like it and is doing much better, less stress for both of us... so hopefully that will work out for the better. most babies dont even get br___tfed at all, are started at birth on formula so the way i see it is i tried the hardest possible, and she got a good two weeks of my natural milk, and i can only do the best i can do. stress isnt good for either of us. i feel better knowing how much milk shes getting as well. any tips for me to help with my milk drying up? because i know it hurt SO BAD when it came in, they got engorged...any help??? ******************** oh and madelyn obviously is doing well. she was 6 lbs 12 oz at birth...and now shes gained to seven ten. and shes 16 days!!!! :) doctor seemed very impressed indeed. shes so smart for her age. shes not supposed to have much neck control, if any, and shes already lifting her head ******************** ooh, and the first smile...intentionally. when is that supposed to be? everytime she smiles i keep thinking OMG shes smiling then i remind myself its not because she wants to, its a natural reflex deal right now. ********************************* her eyes are dark blue right now, and shes mixed with mexican and egyptian and im white. she barely looks mixed at all and i really hope that she keeps those eyes... what do you think her chances are??? ************************** oh and ps--- please god tell me my t_ts arent going to look like floppy bags once the milk is dried up


docbytch - October 29

Hi Amanda. My boy got about 2 weeks of b___b milk too. He's just too big to be satisfied with bfing. He already seems to be constantly hungry! Not sleeping for jack squat right now either. I am having a helluva time adjusting to this screaming ma__s of baby who just won't sleep well!! No one is here to help me either for days at a time. This is the drag about having a baby later than most....but it was also the case when my dd was born I was only 19 back then. The dark blue eyes are not's what nearly all caucasian babys are born with....real eye color won't reveal itself for a few months


katiepoole - October 29

Hey Amanda! Well congrats on the new baby. Mine is now a lt_tle over 4 months old. I never b___stfed only formula (enfamil lipil) and my little girl is doing just perfect. As far as drying up your milk this may sound crazy but use cabbage leaves. The best thing to do is go to the store and buy some cabbage put it in the fridge and get it real cool......then put it in your bra or sports bra which is another thing that will help....wear a tight sports bra......but wear the cabbage leaves about an hour at a time......they may not smell all that great but let me tell you it works......pretty much worked for me the first time but I continued for a couple of days just to be safe.....even if you can do it just a couple of times a day that will really help. and the cool feels pretty good when you're all swollen up. good luck. oh yeah and you're right if you're stressed the baby will sense it and most of the time it makes them stressed and fussy. good luck and remember it does get has for us and it's only been 4 months :)



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