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evae777 - February 9

was wondering if any recommendations for nursing pads that do not show through clothes? Or what kind of bra will help from being able to see the pads? It seems like I can't wear anything without looking like I have my bra stuffed. Has anything worked for you ladies? I have tried Medela, Avent, & J&J and I am currently a small C. Thankyou for any suggestions..


Krissy25 - February 10

Evae i just saw this thing for a product called LilyPadz in a catalog. They are silicone and claim to prevent leakng all together, They are also thin and can be worn without a bra and they are reusable. The only thing is they are almost $20, kind of expensive but they are somthing i probably would try with my next baby. I'm past the leaking stage now.


evae777 - February 10

How long does it take to pa__s the leaking stage? or does leaking last just as long as you are nursing?? It can be so uncomfortable and feels icky..


Krissy25 - February 11

For the first few months i leaked all the time and had to wear pads. Just thinking about feeding could trigger it. I woke up wet in the mornings and when i did feed the other b___b would leak. At around 4 months though that all wasn't really happening as much even though i was still b___stfeeding exclusivly, and now my dd is 6 months and i am starting some solids. My b___sts seemed to have adjusted to fewer feedings without engorgement and leaking. I guess if i stopped completly i would probably leak some until my milk dried up.


Kiersten - February 11

Evae, I use washable ones I ordered from (I think) JC Penny's. I got 6 pair for $12 and they work great. They're only on-line though, so try checking out their site. GL! I feel like I leak all the time. It can be sooo embarra__sing what our body does at the most inopportune times. Like...having dinner at your in-laws and feeling this warm sensation, only to look down and have the front of your shirt soaked...I thought I'd die! :-) I can LOOK at my lo and have letdown. I can have letdown three minutes after I'm done feeding him...sometimes I feel like I just need a bell around my neck as I trudge to the barn to get milked. LOL Oh how fun...


Krissy25 - February 11

Kiersten, I let my MIL feed my daughter a bottle of b___stmilk, probably when she was only a week and a half old, and i guess i haden't really learned my lesson yet on leaking, b/c i was sitting there talking to her and i felt something dripping on my legs and it was both my b___bs leaking! I was so embaressed, thank God my FIL wasn't in the room as well.


evae777 - February 12

Krissy & Kiersten is this your first child? how long do women usually b___stfeed their children?? is it 10 months??


Krissy25 - February 12

Evae, I plan on b___stfeeding for at least a year, after that i will start to give regular whole milk, but actually you can b___stfeed for as long as you like, as long as there is demand you will supply it. And yes this is my first baby, her name is Jacquelyn and she is 6 months old. What is your baby's name?


evae777 - February 12

That name is absolutely beautiful! My boy's name is Landon, hopefully they dont call him Landy. I will probably Bfeed him for 10 months which should be good enough right? This whole feeding thing has been something else I tell ya! My dh went back to work today & is off on busines already, it has been a mad house with just me and the boy. I can't figure out why he just keeps crying sometimes and I cant just hold him 24/7! Then I feel like a bad mom when i put him in his swing or his vibrating chair. i know he'd rather be held. my dh held him too much for the 3 weeks he was home. how did things go with Jacquelyn in the 6 months? Do you plan on having anymore?? I can't even imagine wanting anymore kids right now & we wanted to have 3 or 4! Plus, what having kids does to your body! It hasn't been too bad, but my body will definitely never be the same again. The sacrifices we make as women! I have a new found respect for my mother that's for sure....


Krissy25 - February 13

I think you can never fully respect your parents until you have children yourself and then you realize just what they went through and what worries they had. I can understand my mother a lot more now where as before i just thought she was a little crazy. LOL. Landon is a great name, i really like it. If anyone tries to call him Landy just remind them you don't call him that. Some people keep trying to call my dd Jackie, i'm just like 'we prefer to call her Jacquelyn and when she is older if she wants people to call her Jackie they can." Jacquelyn is truely the most amazing person in my life (my dh is a close second) These past 6 months have been the most wonderful and the most challenging 6 months of my life. I don't think i could have asked for a better baby but taking care of her is still exausting. My dh stayed home for 3 weeks too, it was great while he was home, it was kind of like time stood still but when he went back to work it was like we had to join the real world again. I think if you b___stfeed for 10 months that would be great, it's much longer than what most people do. I think we will have at least one more, but i'm like you i just can't imagine it right now, it would be so much work and i also can't imagine loving another child as much as i love her. I'm sure i would but it's hard to think that way. Has Landon cracked a smile yet? If not he will soon, i still can't get enough of my dd's smiles, they melt my heart every time. Are you going to be working at all or are you staying home? I've been home the whole time but will probably start working part-time soon. Don't feel bad about putting him in a swing or chair, they are actually quite comforting to most babies and you need time to yourself too. I wish i could still put my dd in her swing, she still fits but doesn't seen to care for it anymore. Well i need to get some stuff done while she naps. Talk to you later.


Kiersten - February 13

KRISSY, Ha-Ha!! Don't you just love it?! UNfortunately, my incident was during dinner with the whole family. FIL and BILs included. I slipped out pretty quickly, and I'm not 100% sure that anyone noticed, but I never wanted to leave the bathroom to find out! lol EVAE, this is my first lo. He turned 2 months on the 7th and I cannot believe how much he's grown! We named him Timothy in honor of my dh's little brother who died at 1 1/2 of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and heart's pretty special. I'll never forget the day we talked with my in-laws about it and if it would be okay...I treasure that memory! I plan on nursing him for a year if I can, but I don't know if I can put up with the shield for 10 more months. If it means him getting my milk I will, but such a pain! And I hear you on the wanting to be held all the time. We only have one car and I stay at home with him, so he is becoming VERY attached to momma. It's like it's cute sometimes but not all day long!



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