Anyone Else Develop Gallstones

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torbman - July 14

Man this sucks!!!! I thought that I had indigestion, but turns out that I have gallstones. I have had 4 attacks already. They say that this happens alot with pregnancy. Anyone else develop this. Why me. This is my third child. I have lost 26 pounds so far, casue I am too scared to eat. Although I appreciate the weight loss, as I am probably 50 pounds overweight anyways, will I never be able to indulge in a chocolate cookie again. The internet said , no diary, no red meat, no fat, or grease, no caffiene. What do I do?


torbman - July 17

What happens if you were to indulge in something greasey like pizza? Would you get that pain again, or would you just end up running to the toilet? I am glad to hear that you feel better. I just haven't felt right since the birth. I just want to feel normal again, and not have to be scared to eat.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 17

Usually stuff like chili or tacos set mine off..sometimes its completley random and always attacks. I was always scared to eat...stlll am a little bit but I can eat whatever I want. Its great. There are medications u can take to dissolve gall stones..I suggest u talk to ur doctor. He'll be able to tell u more about it..but normally they just want to take it out. Its well worth it and the recovery time is VERY fast. THey usually do laser surgery


torbman - July 18

I was realy watching what I ate. NO fat or anything, but then the other day I had another attack, and all I had was carrot sticks, cuc_mbers and a boiled potatoe for supper, and that set me off. So not sure what to eat now. I had to take 2 tylenl #3's to get rid of the pain, and I could still feel it in my chest. It never made me sleepy or anything, just took the pain away. Funny how with that much pain, docters say its heartburn eh! I go and see the surgeon next week.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 18

lol i took 3 darvacet one time and 2 ibuprofin. DIdnt take no pain away


torbman - July 18

You know its too bad they don't make Demerol in pill form. They gave me so much at the hospital, the nurse came in and said,"oh dear, your stoned". Gee I wasn't one for drugs growing up but, whew, that was so nice! lol.


yourtrish - July 28

They do make demerol in pill form. I have a prescription for 50-100 gm orally for gallstones. BUT, it's no where near as effective as if it's inserted via IV into your system.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 28

torbman howd u apt with the surgeon go?


torbman - July 28

My appointment with the new surgeon went well, and unfortunatly, that night I had another attack. Left the hospital having 2 tylenol 3's and 1 100mg shot of demerol. Anyways, I go in for day surgery on Aug.3, to have it removed. Yah! I so can't wait for the pain to go away! The last time it was a bran muffin that sent it off . Geepers, just never know what to eat. I am a little nervous but will gladly be happy to be rid of it. I have lost about 34 pounds.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 29

d__n i wish i could lost weight lol. Dont be nervous..i was too but i was perfectly fine after a week. The first day is a little tough but after that its not bad at all. I LOVE being able to eat what i want. GOod luck


torbman - July 29

Thanks. You know I can handle eating healthy, but its the smell of pizza! OOOOOOOO soooo yummyyyyy! I can't wait. What happened when you had something greasy now that you have that out? Just a run to the girls room? Do you get any kind of pain anymore?


numba1cutie6t9 - July 29

nope neither. Im perfectly fine. No pain. No more weirdness. Nothing . Completely normal again


torbman - July 29

That sounds so cool. LOL. I can't wait. Isn't that I have heard of some people having foods that they can't have anymore, but no one says why, or what happens when they eat those foods.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 30

after u get it out ur supposed to have a completely normal diet.. THeres nothing u cant eat. It really is great lol. at first i was scared to eat stuff still..but im getting used to it


torbman - July 31

3 more days. can'y wait. my back is so sore and I just don't feel well. i feel sick to my tummy and kinda feel like the aftermath of an attack. I thunk i could sleep forever. not sure whether that has anything to do with it. I kinda hope that they will keep me in,cause I know what will happen, my hubby will get frustrated and then i will feel bad and get up and try taking care of babes. Hey i here that your shoulders really hurt from the gas, how did you find the pain?


numba1cutie6t9 - July 31

yea the gas pain KILLS! Thats why i stayed over was bad..of course not as bad as attacks felt like really bad shoulder aches..they do give u pain meds in the hospital tho. they gave 4 four shots of morphine in recovery and then vicodin when I came back to a room..but when u go home u get nothing. I suggest u get something good for at home for when u come home. I used a heating pad(one of the stick on heating pad things) and ibuprofins. It lasted afour 4 days


torbman - July 31

They gave me some tylenol #3's already, they seem to take forever though to work. I want to really push to stay in if I can. I just think that I will be better for it.



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