Anyone Else Have A Problem Finding A Doctor

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Rhonda M - October 13

I found out I was pregnant August 29th. I went into a walk-in clinic because you have to get a referral in order to see an doctor. I went for a blood test that day we calculated that I was 4 weeks pregnant. I am now 10 1/2 weeks and have no doctor still. The doctor at the clinic ended up firing his nurse, he hired a new girl. They lost my results. I kept calling to find out was going on. I ended up walking into the clinic On the 6th and low and behold they found my results. The doctor had the nerve to tell me yes I was pregnant. I guess the morning sickness and the lack of period was not good enough for the medical community, not considering I am already showing. To make a long story short and very frustrating. I watch the doctor fill out my referral himself, that day found out the name of the doctor he was sending me to. They did not receive my referral until the 11th, they the doctor I was referred to, ended up phoning the doctor at the clinic after asking me whether I had my ultra sound yet and telling me they will phone back after setting up one for me, that they cannot take me. I have been given Diclectin to deal with the morning sickness but it hasn't helped. I have no doctor to talk to . The clinic doctor,is to busy to help and has no experience with pregnancy. I am so worried and depressed because I just want to make sure that everything is alright with this baby. I have been having nightmares. I worry that I am not eating enough, because everytime I eat I get sick, I am always hungry. Ughhhh this is so stupid


kr - October 13

Are you a__signed a doctor? If not it is well worth your time to change doctors. I was very lucky to find mine. They are licensed midwives and spend as much time in an appointment as I need. At night they call me back within 5 minutes if I have a problem. There are good people out there, so I don't think you should settle. And remember, try not to stress out, staying calm is good for the baby.


Jadyns Mommy - October 14

What country are you in? Since you need a referral I dont think the US but if you are, I would call your State Medical Board. If you are in another country with Gov Health Care, I would not bother dealing with the clinic again since they do not seem to know their heads from their a$$ but there should be a Gov office that regulates the clinic that you can contact. KR is right, your main priority is to not stress out. Since you are feeling sick when you eat, you may want to try starting off with some crackers and 7 up to settle your stomach before you eat and until you get in to see a Dr, you can take an over the counter multi-vitamin to start getting nutrients to the baby until you are perscribed a prenatal. Good luck to you and your baby xoxoxox



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