Anyone Elses Baby Wont Sleep Unless In There Arms

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disneymommy79 - February 6

Well my son was born the 24th of Jan and had his circ_mcision and when they did it they nicked one of his vains. :( he was in a lot of pain so he wouldn't want to cuddle or br___tfeed but when I brought him home he wont sleep unless he is in my arms at night.I was just wondering if anyone else is having this issue with there baby.


Mommy_to_be - February 8

Aww..poor little guy! My dd (11 and 1/2 weeks) has this problem but only during the night she sleeps great, but during the day, the only way she'll nap is if she's being held...this didn't start until she was around 8 weeks old...before that we always put her down to nap and she'd sleep just fine...we didn't change anything...I think it might just be a phase. All I can recommend if your little one continues to have this problem is after he falls asleep, put him down...if he wakes, pick him up, wait til he's asleep and put him down again...etc. eventually he'll get over it I'm sure! They're not capable of self soothing til 4 continue to cuddle him as he needs! Good luck and congrats!


brwneyedbbydll - February 11

Oh yes!!! My son is 3 months old and when he was first born he slepted all by himself and i dont know how i did it but now he will not sleep unless he is in someone's arms!! I hate it I can't do anything throughout the day. I have tried everything too and nothing seems to work, so if u find something that works for u please let me know LOL!!!! Good luck!!!!!


disneymommy79 - February 12

Well I have one of the Snuggle pillows. And IT is shaped like a candy cane and I prope him up in the bed next to me that way he is save, He cant roll or be rolled on and he feels like someone is holding him. Its been working. Although the pillow is big so my son and I have moved to the futon out in the living room but at least I can sleep now. I was thinking about trying one of the boppy pillows to see if it has the same affect. But the snuggle pillow smells like I'm so I'm sure thats a comfort to him also.


no11s - February 13

My little girl is like that... mostly in the days. It makes it impossible to get anything done. I don't have a snuggle pillow, but I'll try using my Boppy with some blankets and see how that works.


chrissi79 - February 15

Yeah I have this promblem too it seems...we have dd in a basinet right now beside the bed (she's almost 3 wks) and after she wa,kes up for a feeding in the night, its impossible to get her back to sleep unless we put her beside us...I hope this pa__ses, I dont' want to keep doing it but its the only way to get her quiet and asleep. Hubby has to be up pretty early for work too so he needs to sleep as much as he can.


singlem0m - February 23

I'm having the same problem with my 1 month old. She's been doing this ever since about 2 weeks. She's sleeps alright at night but during the day she won't sleep unless someone is holding her. The minute she's set down her eyes pop open. I know that it can be frustrating! I don't know what to do about it but if I find something that works I'll let you know.


lori - March 9

You could try making sure when you rock your baby to sleep that you alway have a recieving blanket between you and your baby i.e. wrap them in a blanket and make sure it covers even inbetween where their head rests on your arm. That way when they fall asleep and you put them down they don't notice a temperature change (from warm skin to cold crib) and wake up. It was a tip from my mother-in-law and it worked for me. Good luck.


Lala - March 10

Did you try a swing during the day? It's the only way ds naps during the day. He sleeps really well at night (6-7 hours at only 7 weeks old), but not during the day. He won't sleep well with me for naps. But, the swing is the trick for him.


BriannasMummy - March 11

My sister and her dd are in the exact same boat as you. Faith was born January 25th and no matter what she does that baby will only sleep if she is in her mommys arms. She has tried EVERYTHING.. swings.. boppy pillows.. swaddling.. nothing works! I definatly feel for you. ~Kristin~


ShaunaLeigh - March 14

my baby is only not even a week old... but he does that... haha... but durin the NIGHT... all day he sleeps greaaat... til about 10 at night... he's good to go until 3 oclock... & it's stressful, im wore down & tired cuz ive also got 2 other lil boys :O so i cant do the sleep durin the day thing


Justine1 - March 15

I have a baby born 5 Jan that just likes to sleep in my arms too, its like having a teddy bear to sleep with me!. Its cute but can make it hard to get things done. A swing in the day might well be a good idea as he loves his pushchair/stroller but only when its moving, thanks Lala. He hates stopping for shops - thats boys for you!


no11s - March 16

Well here I am 1 month later and my little girl still doesn't want to go down for her naps in the days. The good part is that she's two months now, so she stays up a bit more and is smiling and cooing at me :).... but putting her down is still a no no. She hates the swing and her bouncer brings on hiccups. We don't know what else to try, we're just hoping she will grow out of this within the next month. If anyone else has suggestions I'll be happy to try them :)



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