Anyone Ever Use A Medela Or Lansinoh Breastpump

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evae777 - February 10

I am looking to either buy a medela or Lansinoh double electric br___t pump and was wondering if anyone has any good or bad experience with any of these brands??


docbytch - February 11

Hey there. I did not b___st feed for that boy was toooooo big and toooooo hungry to sustain it. But I was using a medela pump almost exclusively since the act of b___stfeeding generally hurt. I think it's a GREAT pump and would highly recommend one to anyone in question. I has the means for easy portabilit I y if that 's what you're looking for.....and the thing could get milk out of a turnip!!! But it's over 300 bucks and that is rather daunting. I was planning on a cheaper model but DH insisted. Good luck!


Krissy25 - February 11

Evae i think they are both considered to be good, i have a medela and i love it. A good pump is worth the money.


evae777 - February 12

I wonder why the Lansinoh double electric is so much cheaper, does it mean the quality is less? it seems like they are both reputable brands.


cors1wfe - February 12

Evae - I rented a medela from our local hospital for $15.00 per month - I loved the pump it worked great. I was happy to rent and not buy - I plan to rent again


evae777 - February 12

15 a month is great! i am renting one right now for 15 a week. it starts to add up!


cors1wfe - February 13

wow that is pricey - good grief - in fact I remember I paid 60 for my 4 months of use- I knew that I would not nurse for a year - with my first I got a really great free pump from the hospital - it was a hand pump but worked great!


sarahbaby11 - June 9

the lansinoh pump is the same as the aeda purely yours pump. it is just sold under a different name at a much better price. i used the pump for 10 months 6 times day. it is a great pump i bought the avent attachment so i could pump right into the bottles i was using. it is slightly noisey but not really bad you just get used to it. i reccomend it. it is a reat pump at a great price.


oncemore - June 21

I have the lansinoh double electric pump and love it. I produce a lot of milk and bf for one year with my babies... but I want them to take a bottle as well. This pump was/is great! I lent it to my sil as well (between having my kids) and she doesnt produce a lot of milke and tried the pump to help her... it did the trick and she used it to help produce more milk. I have used my "manual" avent asis pump (which I love) and I have also used the hospital electric pump (worked at the hospital and we had a "mother's lounge" where we could pump and we used very high end electric pumps) I would say that I feel that the lansinoh double electric pump works as well as the hospital ones I have used, just take a slight bit longer to pump the milk... but not much at all. I would highly recommend it!!! SARAHBABY11- where can I get the avent attachement for the lansinoh pump... I use the avent bottles too! Thanks!


evae777 - July 8

thx everyone! i ended up using the lansinoh, much better preice & it really does pump just as well as the hospital grade!


susankytes - May 1

The Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump is a very good b___st pump in general. It has not disappointed in the least bit since I bought it 3 months ago. I have pumped multiple times every day and it has proven to be extremely durable and efficient.


iraminogue - May 1

Lansinoh is compact, which makes it easy to carry around. Though it doesn't come with any case like some of the others, it's not too big of a deal because it's small enough to fit in a decently sized shoulder bag. I don't pump at work, but I usually take it with me to family get-togethers or when I'm going to be out of the house for a while. For those purposes, its size makes it very convenient.


stanleyjedd - May 4

Lansinoh makes a number of accessories to make the whole process easier for mothers. For the mom on the go, they offer the Lansinoh Double Electric Pump Carry Bag and Cooler. It makes for very easy transport and storage for mothers who are pumping at work with the double electric b___st pump. Should they need more storage, the company produces Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles and bags to keep a steady supply of milk available.


siempremi - July 15

I used the Medela pump in the hospital and used my $50 Evenflo double pump at home afterwards. The Evenflo was actually less painfull and more productive for me.


BruisedCrocodile - August 21

Medela is a popular brand when it comes to breast pumps. This particular model is friendly for working moms who pump several times a day because they are away from their little ones.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced is designed for daily use. This double-electric hospital grade breast pump also includes a battery pack that allows you to pump anywhere and anytime.



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