Awkward Question When Did You Feel Like Sex Again

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julie451 - June 5

Hello all, I'm new here but wanted to ask for some advice. I had my son Jason seven months ago. He's my first child. All is great so far; I'm loving being a mom. It's hard work of course but very rewarding and I feel it's what I was put on this earth to do. There's only one problem. I don't like s_x anymore. It's becoming a real issue for my husband. I've looked around on the internet and found some help - a few differnet forums, a site called, where they have a book that I'm reading, but I wanted to speak to real people. The book says this is normal, but is it really? A couple of my friends who have had babies say they started having s_x again after two to three months; so why is is seven months for me? Can anyone give advice? Thanks


kimberly - June 5

Is s_x still painful for you or is it just a libido problem? If it is a libido problem then hormones could have a huge role. If you are b___stfeeding it can cause you to not feel in the mood and be dry down there and the thought of someone other than baby touching your b___st can be a real turn off too. Then there is the fear you might accidentally get pregnant again. All of this is a normal part of the postpartum process, but if it is severe and to a point it is interfering with your relationship then maybe it could be a bit of postpartum depression too. Talking to your Dr. coould help you figure it out. If it is still painful and thats why s_x isn't on your mind or fear it will hurt then that is also normal to some degree. After my first I was really sore for atleast 2 months and then s_x just hurt. He was about a year old when it finally felt right again. It took me about 3 months after my other 2 kids to feel ok again.


lindy - June 29

Hi First of all congratulations on the birth. Your problem is very common and i would suggest that you don't listen to what was good for your friends. Firstly because this really only gets you down more and secondly every single person is different. The first thing would be to make sure you keep your husband involved by talking to him. If you don't talk to him then he will start feeling like its something he is doing and it only makes things worse. Next I would concentrate on the intimacy and the romance side of things. This will eventually get you back on track. If you both go out for a nice quiet romantic dinner together alone and just talk you will find that you will both feel instantly closer. Finish the night with cuddles and kisses. Make sure your husband is on the same wave length as you and that he doesn't pressure you. As long as he knows you are trying to get back into again he wont have a problem. I would suggest going out together once a week if not then once every 2 weeks. Also if you are not already try exercising daily. 20min is all you need. You will find that this will give you more energy and make sure you eat healthy. Hope some of this helps. Good luck



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