Baby Blues Bad

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ash2 - May 31

hey everyone, i cant seem to stop crying! i cry most of the time at night or when i am alone at night. i cant seem to get my life started with the new baby. it was worse with my first child, but i didnt think i would have it again! i miss being pregnant, but most of all, i wish just being able to get up and go somewhere with my 3 year old to the park or whatever. but it is like i am confined to th house which makes it worse ! m husband tries to tell me to go somewhere for a couple of hours, but i dont want to go alone , and we cant take the baby anywhere right now because he is too young ! has anyone else had these feelings? i miss life the way it used to be and having trouble adapting to the new way of life..... help!


lcstange77 - June 1

I do remember those days, you're not alone! How old is your baby, name, gender? What does make you feel ok or normal during the course of your day, anything?


ash2 - June 1

my baby is 1 weeks and 2 days old. i guess people being around me makes me feel better. also watching lots of tv


ConfuseD - June 5

What you're experiencing is normal. I, too, miss being pregnant. The part about not being able to "get up and go", though, is very temporary. It'll come soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy the "down time"...the people around you and watching lots of TV. There will probably come a time when you'll miss that because you'll always be on the go!


2StarsOnMyBack - June 5

Dear ash2, hang in there sweetie, you're not the only one that has gone trhough those feelings, and trust me, it will pa__s and you will feel soo much better very soon. I remember the first week and a half of my baby's life I was a complete mess. I also missed being pregnant, and I think I still do. I would cry when i would find myself alone, and when i would look at my baby... I was soo sad and felt very guilty for not being able to be happy now that my little baby is here. It finally ended when I allowed myself to cry without trying to stop, hugging my husband and telling him how much i missed my babys kicks indide me... LOL, I am crying as Im writing this. Just remember to talk to somebody if you ever feel that it is too much for you. Get close to your family. That is one thing that really helps, your family's love.


jas - June 7

Why can't you take your lo anywhere?? We took ours everywhere from the time we left the hospital. Shoot - on the way home we stopped at the store for some things we needed for him. Is there a medical reason for the confinment? If not, get out! Go to the park - fresh air will not only do your baby good, but you as well!!!!



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