Bleeding Slight Cramping And Tender At 7 Weeks Post Partum

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newmom24 - June 26

Hello Ladies I am writing to see if anyone else has experienced this. My son was born May 10th, and I received a 2nd degree tear. I bled for a few days heavy, then flow was light for about 2-3 weeks after. It then stopped, but 3 days ago it started very light again. I have had slight cramps from time to time, and I am tender down below where my tear is still need of healing. I have called the nurse and she stated the chances of this being a period is very slight, it is probably an infection. I am calling my doctor today ( my maternity doctor is away till the 7th of july :( ) but has anyone had this type of situation. Any feedback would be great. Thanks ahead of time.


krista-lee - June 26

are you b___st feeding? if you're not it could be possible your period is returning


newmom24 - June 26

Have to ad that I am b___stfeeding exclusively as well.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 26

even if you are b___stfeeding it could be ur period. I know alot of people that theyre period when they were b___stfeeding exclusively. (me as well at 6 weeks pp)


ralhun - June 27

I had this, bleeding and cramps that lasted 8 weeks. I had retained products from the birth and went into hospital for a D&C. After all symptoms went away and I felt 100% better.


newmom24 - June 28

Thank you to all your responses. i did go to the doctor,and we are monitoring the flow. My flow is so light- stops during the day, and starts in the morning for afew hours. No major cramps or illness. Hope everyone is well. Thanks again for your input. Very much appreciated.


kayla_shauntel_05 - July 7

I am almost six weeks postpartum and have had light spotting for 3 days. I think it is my period. I had some cramping too.


Fatima - July 7

I have had heavy bleeding and I know its my period. Unfortunately it is lasting longer than it normally does



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