Boyfriend Left When Foundout Prego On Lorazipan Ativan

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KDcanada - October 22

Ok ,started dating this guy and we had so much fun and we were AMAZING together, I was so happy! loved his family and every thing! but he just got out of a 5year relationship, when he told me this, i asked him numerous of times am i a rebound? he told me "MANy times, NO!!! i wanted to leave her for 2years i wasn't happy", so like an idiot i believed him!! anyway here is the situation in a nut sh__l lol we dated for only 3 month's, i found out at the end of 2nd month i was pregnant, So i actually got pregnant only 4 weeks we were together. ( witch i made him wait for that long) Lucky me NOT! so when i told him i was prego, he was surprised but ok then literally the next day he changed, started going to Strip clubs, blaming me for sleeping with my X ( I never cheated on him!) we r just friends, then he accused me of partying to much and then he was texting me telling me to get abortion on numerous accounts!!!! I just cant do that!! as time went on by he started to get more & more ignorant!! the only time he came to c me was: When i was crying going crazy he showed up then on his way back froma business trip he just showed up at my house i wasent there so he showed up again, slept with me then thing were ok for a day or two then, he said i was pushing him and he is confused. He told my mom that he will not be a dead beet father, but hes not acting like it. this is so hard by my self!!!! To top this all of i was all ready taking ativan/lorazipan for anxiety now I'm wining of so i feel this is even harder, So if anyone knows some thing i can take for anxiety depression while prego also please let me know!!! so anyway NOW i just found out he's been hanging with his X, (I'm close to family so his sis told me) this is killing me! i cant relax, cant sleep now were not talking or texting anymore. I wanted to get my parent s to go tell his parents what's been going on.. people tell me not to, I'm lost what do i do????????????????


Fernbrook - November 6

Sounds like an awful situation. Unfortunately it happens all too often. Try finding a community centre that deals with single parents so you can get some support from people who are going through the same thing. Also, for anxiety with pregnant, there are a few that are safe during pregnant..celexa, cipralex, zoloft....speak to your doctor for more info.



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