Continuous Depression

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R - October 6

long before I became pregnant I was placed on prozac to help me with depression. (it runs in the family) My problem is that EVERYTHING makes me cry, even while still on the medication. From me feeling unattractive,sad movies, children crying, ect. But the one thing that gets me that I will be quite fine for a while and then out of the blue I start balling. My boyfriend is very supportive, but Im wondering if he is also apart of this continious depression since he makes me feel undesireable s_xually. Am I just going even more nuttier then I already am?


ally - November 9

continuous prozac cant be good, get off it if its not working seriously or u will get hooked, u need to do something to get outta this and make u happy.....i dont doubt that the prozac is making it perhaps worse cause its doing nothing it seems, how does he make u feel undesireable, what does he do? pregnancy doesnt help, ur hormones are perhaps going nuts, u may be imagining he doesnt find u s_xy, have u asked him and also if ur pregnant how can u be taking prozac, kinda confused , can u clarify a bit for me


nik - December 8

I also had been on prozac before i was pregnant to treat depression. I had the same problem that you have and the drs increased the dosage by 10 mgs until is subsided. When I deliver I will be able to slowly come back down to where I started. I am currently 36 weeks pg and on 60 mgs a day. What ever you decide it is not healthy for you to stop prozac cold turkey. You will have withdraw and it may not be good for the baby. Prozac is a cat b drug and is considered safe during pregnancy. I hope this has helped a little. I did tons of research when I found out that I was pg. Also you should not have PPD while on prozac. A person who suffers from depression can experience PPD in a whole new level. Good Luck!


Kendra - December 16

R- depression is no quick fix problem. I have dealt with it for years - and unfortunalty, sometimes it takes a very long time to find out what medication is right for you (there are a billion others aside from prozac....better ones in my opinion) and there are also different doses you need to test. Speaking of doses, if you have been taking the prozac for a long time, it may just be time to change the dose. Depression is like any other medical problem - it's a chemical imbalance, and eventually your body will build up a tolerance to what you are taking for it. You have to realize, that you'll be taking medication, probably for life, at several different dosages. That doesn't make you a bad person - again, it's like anything else. Everytime I get my eyes checked, I usually need to upgrade my contact perscription. Anyways, just know that you aren't a nut, you just need to really talk with your doctor about all of your options.



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