Depressed And Alone

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Jules - January 26

Well where do I begin, I am 5 mths pregnant and have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. He never wanted children and I was told I would never have kids.. well guess they were wrong, when i told my boyfriend i was pregnant. he was not happy. Gradually he has come around abit but still I feel so alone and lately I have been pretty depressed about my relationship. He has always been very harsh to me and says that I am too sensitive but that is the way I am. I really dont feel that he loves me and he is always nit picking at me for everything and makes me feel like I can do nothing right. I feel like he never wants to be around me and would it be too much to ask to be spoiled once and awhile . He wouldnt know romance if it hit him in the head....He is very cold and has trouble expressing himself where as I am so super passionate and have no problem communicating.I have tried to talk to him about this but he does not think he does anything wrong and says It is all in my head. Maybe I am alittle emotional because of the pregnancy. But heh why should we settle for someone when we feel they do not treat us the way he want and deserve to be treated. I just want to make sure that we are solid and that things are good before the baby comes because i do not want to raise my baby in an environment that is not loving and happy. I am really considering leaving him but because of the baby I feel I should stay no matter what. Not to mention I have no where to go If I leave as the house as it is in his name. Lost and Confused, dont know what to do..?? Please help someone click to: respond to this topic


DESIRE - January 26

First of all, it is other options having both of you take care of the baby. You can put visitation rights for him because you shouldn't be with someone who not going to treat u right in any situation, be there for you when u need him there, or hold u when u want to be hold. And since you have been pregnant, you stated he been acting the the Devil's advocate. No, you need to go to your family or friend's house and get away from him with the negativity for awhile. Because believe or not, it is dwelling on your spirit. And you feeling miserable. So go out and stay with some family or friends for a couple of days or week and if he don't bother to call or say anything nice to you. Girl, advise you do what you have to do for your future, or both of you go for counseling., Keep me posted at [email protected]


salie - February 13

Jules, First of all you dont need to be around someone who dosen't treat you good. You need to get away from all the negative. I think you should leave him because all that negativity is not good for you. Fell free to email me at [email protected] good luck relax everything is going to be fine


judi - March 11

my boyfriend was exactly the same he even said to me "why dont you get an abortion and we will get married" I was really relaxed through my pregnancy. I just ignored what he said. (we lived together) and guess what he was there for me through the whole birth and couldnt help me and the baby enough our son is now 2 were still together. but im pregnant again!!!



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