Depression Need Advice

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jodylb0221 - March 2

it has been 6 days since i gave birth to my precious baby boy... He is so adorable, i don't ever want to be apart from him. My emotions are extremely outta control... and i don't know what to do... my boyfriend goes to work and i cry, i want him to be home all the time. i cry for no reason at all... I look at my son and think i don't deserve to have something that cute, adorable and precious. i'm upset over the little things all the time. i looked so forward to having this baby, that when he finally came, it happened way too fast and now i'm thinking what do i do now... i love being pregnant, i miss feeling him move inside me. i know i should be grateful that he is here and he is healthy, and i am gratetful... i just don't know what to do... i can't seem to get my emotions under control... any advice???


nrsegurl - March 2

Your feelings are completely NORMAL. This is called post partum sadness. If it persists beyond 6 weeks then it is considered post partum depression. I even ended up with PPD after five months. Your hormones are crazy right now and from what I understand, will be that way for up to a year. I thought bliss would follow birth and it was not that way. I initially worried about everything and was so protective of my son his grandparents could barely get near him. One of my friends gave me some good advice...she told me to enjoy those nights alone with him because those were the moments it was just me and him and they would pa__s too quickly. She was right. He is now 10 months old and just as precious...but a lot more independent. Cherish your son and know that your feelings are normal and keep an eye out for PPD.


ShaunaLeigh - March 14

Yeaa, I been kinna questioning the same thing myself, even tho this is my third baby boy... Im outta wack here, i cant sleep right... i dont eat... i got major headaches all the time, i cry over everything & anything just about... but my baby was only born on march 9th & i just hope it goes away, cuz im alone with these 3 boys.. no family in this town & im single :| so idk what's wrong cuz with my other two i was with their dad & had him & my family around to help!


lori - March 16

I think those emotions are normal. I think it's normal to feel a sense of loss when you give birth. You grieve being pregnant, plus now you're so busy and up at all hours of the night and your hormones are still trying to even out. Many of my friends talk about the magic two week mark when they started to feel better physically and more in control of their emotions. (I talked about this in another thread) But if you don't start to feel better in a few weeks make sure to have your blood work done to check for anemia or a thyroid problem. Both are common problems postpartum. I couldn't control my emotions after I gave birth, cried all the time, had terrible insomnia, headaches and felt cloudy (couldn't concentrate). I found out I had postpartum thyroiditis. As soon as we found the medication that worked all the depression went away. If your physically OK, then try finding a support group for PPD, talk to your doctor about it. I found it really helped me. Good luck.


ShaunaLeigh - March 17

Thank you Lori! I can tell you this much, im NOT back to where i was before i got pregnant & had this baby... but i consider him a blessin every day... but i feel myself leanin more towards my old self EVERY DAY... & it feels good... dont cry now... just kinna feel overwhelmed but this whole transition has been hard on me & both of my other boys... but we are surviving :) I got a couple gals up here that been helpin me out, they trully are angels! Thanks fer ur words of advice.


Janny - March 19

Jody - I was going to post the same problem. I had my daughter on 3/2/07 - she was a month early, so she was in the NICU after I gave birth - I did not get to 'bond' with her, see my husband cut the cord, etc. I feel very upset and sad -and feel that I missed key moments after her birth that I can never get back. So her coming home 4 days later was an awkward adjustment. I was thrown into the 3 hour feedings and have felt like a zombie or robot ever since. Where is the joy? I'm glad she's here but something is missing?? I cry all the time as well, want my husband home because he truly got to experience the birth and the aftermath and it's a shared moment between us - but I think he is geting tired of my crazy emotions as well. I miss being pregnant and feel that I truly didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. So the bottom line of this submission is regret and missing out on some key moments that I can never get back. I will be talking to my doctor - but I wish I could enjoy my daughter now before I lose this time as well!!!


jodylb0221 - March 26

my son is now 1 month old and my 'baby blues' is slowly going away, i still feel helpless at times and i question what kind of mother i am, if i doing it right, i wonder if my son loves me and if he knows that i love him with all my heart, and would give my life for him. i am getting better, i spoke to my doc about it and she says it's completey normal. so i was relieved to hear that. I live with my bf and my brother, other than that i have no family around for like 14 hours drive. and no friends here either. but my bf has been understamding so i'm thankful, how is everyone else doing??



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