Depression DURING Pregnancy

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April - September 13

Is there anything you can take WHILE you are pregnant for depression?? I've ben having serious depression for a while.. so much has all happend at once and its hard for me to handle, and it makes me depressed.. or fall into a crying/depression state....Anyone got any suggestions??? I am coming up 8 weeks..


Mary - October 1

Same here... I hope some one gives some ideas.


Danielle - October 1

I hear you. I have been on Zoloft and then Lexapro for the last three years. I ceased taking it when I got pregnant. I went through the WORST depression in my life. I know this sounds trite, but the only way I think I got through it was exercize. Just walking, I HATE exercise so this wa a hard one for me to do. But if I got my daily walk in, along with keeping busy. (Whe I say keeping busy, I mostly just mean staying out of my own house and hanging out at my mom, sisters or friends house all day until my hubby came home) I felt better. Of course I made sure I got my naps in too. The only thing I took orally was the Omega 3's and I took about 3000mg a day. I ate like crud, that is part of the reason I know I felt awful. I mean I lived on CoCo puffs, Top ramen and McDonalds. My poor family! But I swear weeks 6 thru 10 felt like they were going to send me to the grave. I actually felt despair, it was the darkest time of my life. Then suddenly, our pregnant bodies make a change, they get more energy and your outlook changes. Lord, I dont know why, but it was the same way with my first pregnancy. Please hang in there. Stay with family or friends if you can and dont be afraid to be a little needy right now. Everyone will understand, and if they don't too bad. YOU are what is most important right now! But really, try to MAKE yourself get in at least a 15 minute walk. You will be amazed the difference it makes in your mood.


Cat - October 1

I have suffered from severe depression for 10 years with a big history in my family. I was taking wellbutrin when I got pregnant and on the advice of my psychiatrist who is well known and respected man and my ob gyn I am staying on the wellbutrin. They have only done studies on the drug in animal fetuses so far but it shows no harm in animal babies so they agreed for someone who suffers depression it can be more important to stay well during these difficult months. Their are several anitdepressants which have been studied and shown not to be dangerous to a fetus. I think Paxil may be one, maybe zoloft, and maybe prozac...It is a small risk but the mother's health is very important. There have been some studies done that indicate that depression causes poor and slow development of the fetus during pregnancy so my advice to you is that if you are depressed and have been before becoming pregnant you should seek the care of a good psychiatrist or ask your ob for a psychiatrist who deals especially with pregnant women with depression/medication issues. if you have not been on medication your doc may feel its not a good time to start but its worht looking into bc if you are depressed now you could get very severe after the birth of the baby and postpartum depression can be terrible. Exercise is very important. If you can force yourself to do 20 minutes or so of walking 4 or 5 days a week the endorphins will kick in and you will feel better for sure. Get plenty of sleep and maybe try prenatal yoga. Regular yoga has shown great help in depression and so I am sure it would help you...Good luck.


Jamye - October 14

I understand what you are saying completely. Within 3 days I have quit smoking, cut back my caffeine to half, and I feel like my life is coming to an end. I didn't quit smoking when I had my daughter 5 years ago, I just cut back to 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. This time I wanted to quit just because. There wasn't anything wrong with my daughter when she was born, she was healthy as ever. I think smoking causes more problems if you smoke ALOT. There are some women you do not give at all when they are pregnant. Anyway, I am going through depression of not feeling like I am taking care of my daughter because I am so tired. I feel bad for my huband because I am sure he feels like a single parent right now because he is doing everything........ I am coming up on only 5 weeks.....


Brookelynne - November 6

Hi There, I recently had my baby in July, but during the entire pregnancy, my dr put me on prozac. I had been on prozac before I got pregnant because of depression issues as well. I highly recommend prozac because it does not affect the fetus in any way.


keli - November 30

i take lexapro and doc says i can take it when i get pregnant. ask your doc about an anti-depressant that's safe during pregancy.


chloe - December 18

i know what ur saying everyday i brake down in too tears my boyfriend thinks im carrying on i know iv only ever been this bad since iv been pregant i feel likr iv got nothin too gain and every thing too lose ...


veronica - January 7

almost 8 weeks. want to jump in front of a train. i thought i was supposed to be happy? I am so miserable, even contemplated abortion, but obviously just for a second. I just can't see getting through another 7 months feeling like this. I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me, like I'm trapped!!! This is my first and I swear will be the only baby! Someone out there to help??


no name - January 19

Jamye - i just quit caff. and cigs and am 5 1/2 weeks and feel as though I do not know what to do with myself.... does it get better?


dmv - January 20

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I'm also really depressed. I've gone from loving my husband to hating him. I've thought about abortion. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I've felt this way each time. I've started taking Prozac today. I cannot deal with this anymore or I'll be divorced and having to live with my actions the rest of my life. To everyonre dealing with this, your not alone.


lidia - January 22

i know the feeling im also feeling the same way this is my fourth pregnancy and i am 28 years old i have been with my husband when i was 13 years old i have a 12 years old and a 9 years old and a 7 years old and i am 14 weeks pregnant and i have a full time job i am so stressed out my husband wants be to be this p___no brod in bed i dont have any energy i am getting really bad morning sickness and all i do is get grossed out about s_x i love him with all of mt heart but this is the worst pregnancy ever and by the way i think i might be having twins


Kasha - January 25

hey all...I experienced depression for the first time during my third pregnancy and was put on prozac. It took a while for the medication to reach its peak effects, but eventually it did and things became bareable again, but I have to add that a support person/system is a HUGE help too. you need someone to talk to about all of your emotions. They don't have to understand because they probably can't, but if they care, that will help. My depression is now in the postpartum phase and my meds keep having to be tweaked, but my mom helps me get through the tough days by listening and my husband even tries. If you are honest with your feelings, some people may surprise you, but no matter who it is, try to find someone to listen.


Charissa - February 14

I am 10-12 weeks pregnant (first one). I was on Wellbutrin since last summer for first time for depression and to quit smoking. As soon as I heard I was pregnant, I stopped taking it for a week & 1/2. It scared me, how bad I felt. My Dr. told me a happy mom makes a happy baby and told me that it was a Cla__s B (not totally harmless because it's unknown, but not bad because of the studies on animals and it showed no effects). I went back on it and then was concerned for the lack of data. Was wondering how many women out there have had their babies that are all grown up now, and if they had a effects? Also, my husband has ADD and has a previous kid from another woman. His child has ADD. I'm very worried and I am trying to get info on other women who have been on it and have healthy babies.


cc - February 25

Well I'm 7 weeks and I've been taking Xanax since day one. Pregancy is miserable, I'm not sure I'm going to go through with it


L - March 4

Wow, i thought i was the only one that felt this way! I get depressed over any little thing! My doctor just recently put me on Wellbutrin, i hope it works.


tammy d - March 15

i am pregnant and have been taking xanax. could it hurt the baby. but i relley need it. what can i do.



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