Depression During Pregnancy

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tricia - August 15

I am suffering from terrible depression while Iam pregnant.I cry all the time for no reason,I get suicidal thoughts sometimes and I worry about hurting my 2 year old,could I be suffering from whats useually called postpartum psycosis?


leanne - April 26

i have the smae thoughts and feelings. I don't know how to control them and i want them to go away. it's good to know i'm not alone.


Jacki - April 28

I am a therapist who also suffered from depression while pregnant and postpartum. 10% of pregnant woman get depression/anxiety. Yet so few people talk about ti. The good news is that although it is truely awful, with treatment , it is totally reversable. Get yourself help, good treatment is fast and effective. Some resources are Postpartum Support International, also a hotline staffed by volunteers who have also been through it 9am-9pm seven days a week 1-888-773-7090, they can give you referrals to knowledgeable therapists. The best book I know is Beyond the Blues available on Beyone the It is written by two therapist who havcommitted their lives to helping woman and families suffering from depression and anxiety during preganancy and postpartum. I'm on the San Francisco peninsula in Redwood City, I can help with resources in this area Postpartum Support International is helpful for other areas worldwide. Good luck to you and please give yourself the gift of help, unfortunately these problems can become chronic without treatment. Jacki


Ashley - June 11

Im 7 months pregnant and am due Aug 6, 2004 .Ive been depressed for the past 3 days because a guy I was dating, his ex-girlfriend called him up and told him that she's pregnant. We dont know if she's telling the truth, trying to make him mad, or trying to get him back. Whichever it is, he doesnt want to hangout anymore. He told me to keep everything he's given me just in case everything works out but that we're not really going out anymore. I know I need to eat but I cant I really am trying my hardest though because I only want whats best for my eyes are bloodshot cuz I cant sleep, my bed reminds me of him when he would come over and we'd cuddle up and take a nap, and my floor because he would lay on it and stair up at me while I was talking. Ive got it bad for this guy and everybody just keeps telling me to give him his space and if he comes back around then it was ment to be, or everything will be fine just let it take its own time. It just really hurts!!! I dont know what to do anymore....relationships and me dont mix....and most of the time I think its because of something I did or its my fault in some way......


sweetie - June 12

Whether or not he has issues with this other girl, it was kind of irrresponsible to leave you behind like that. Is he the father of your child? It is typically normal to go through emotional ups and downs while pregnant. Try to focus on the good things, for example soon their wil be a beatiful child that will look up to you and adore you, that child deserves to be will taken care of at this time. There are plenty of other guys out there who who worship the ground you walk on, so don't let life waist away by dwelling on a lost love. Listen to your heart, he will realize what he needs in his life, and if its you than he will do the right thing. Till then eat and be healthy, your baby is counting on you!


KARLA - August 15



shanna - March 18

I've been in love with the same person for six years. He's my best friend and recently became my boyfriend when we found out he had gotten me pregnant. He's been a crackhead for almost five years now. He's ben in and out of rehab, most recently a month ago. I know he's lying to me and sneaking around smoking it, but i'm scared to leave him. I do love him like no other. I'm torn on whether or not I should have his baby. I have a six year old son who I rejected because things fell apart with his father and I. I can't have another kid who calls me by my first name and that I never see. Help please!?


erica - June 3

i am 39 weeks pregnant i'm do anytime now and i get depress because my partner has someone else pregnant and she is due in sept. i get really emotional and depress and i don't know what to do?


sammy - July 5

am i going to get any bigger


gg - July 8

I'm depressed mostly due to man troubles. I'm unhappy, but think of a life alone w/a newborn and feel hopeless. When I try to get him to leave (we live together) he tells me to leave, knowing I can't. He had a "home" he can always go back to. I do not. I had a home before I let him in it. The sadness is overwhelming lately because I'm living a lie with him. I have suffered from depression most of my life on and off. I used to be on meds and then didn't need them anymore. I don't want to be flatlined on meds just to cope w/my life. Life's too short. Which is better? Overwhelmed or have no emotions? Either is no way to live. I know I should get away from him.


to gg - July 8

sweetie dont feel alone i suffered from deppresion after my first baby and i had my first my baby with my only boyfriend since i was 16 and at 19 i got pregnant and had a baby but i had a horrible pregnancy suffering so much every weekend he would go out clubing and my friends used to tell me that they saw him sheating on me and i even got him with phone calls and lipstick on his shirt it was terrible but i made it and after the baby things didnt change they got worst and worst until we got separated three years after the baby was born and he was very sorry and asked me to go back many many times until a i did after 4 months of been complety away and i got preganant again and now I'm goign through more or less the same thing and trust me is hard because i have anxiety problems and i get panic attacks so is so hard for me to move on by my self. I which you the best of all, god bless you and your baby.


To Jese - July 22

WOW jese you are the type of woman that makes me want to fight for life everyday even if is alone, i whish you the best you are tremendous woman , you go girl, god bless you



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