Depression While Pregnant

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llukenjess - March 18

hey ladies i am 3.5 months preggers. I have had a problem with depression my whole life...i used to take anti-depressants, but i am having a really hard time with my depression now, is there anything dafe i can take during pregnancy? I am having thoughts of suicide and feelings of no self worth and i just need help! i have a doc apt next thursday and plan on asking him, but i need to know i am not alone!


llukenjess - March 24

no one?


llukenjess - March 26

i guess i'm all alone...


elana - March 27

also felt a bit down at the gets better as u get more energy and adjust to baby's schedule. what I loved most to see the small wonderful face looking up at me!


llukenjess - March 27

Thanks elana you're the only one who responded...i'm glad im not alone....


kimberly - March 27

Your not alone! The postpartum forum is kind of slow. Try posting in the first or second trimester forum. There are some things you can take while pregnant. The benefits sometimes outweigh the risk of taking something. As you know depression is very serious and it is a good thing you are seeing your Dr. soon. If you are prone to depression then early pregnancy hormones can make it much worse, but the good news is it usually does get better. I have 3 kids and I think after my last I had some pp depression and it was tough. I feel better now but it was a struggle for a few months. I hope you get some help soon and can feel better again!


CoLark - April 2

Oh, I am so sorry you are feeling this way. The hormones can be so difficult, especially early on. In about a month or so, I believe they settle down. Something to do with the placenta taking over production. It is really a rollercoaster even without the added hormones. You might be having feelings about no self worth, but you are worth an awful lot to that baby, and I am sure others! Please do talk to your doctor and maybe see a specialist who can work to get you the right medication. Hang in there!


jenice - April 14

Amitryptaline is safe to take while pregnant, and can be used to treat depression. (I went on it in my third trimester.) It basically works by slowing down your thoughts and making you relax...feels like a glorified sleeping pill. But it works! Some doctors will tell you that there are no safe meds to take while pregnant, but my doctor put me on a low dose of amitryptaline (and ensured I went to counselling on a regular basis...also very helpful), and my doctor is very much against using medication while pregnant. So, I figure if he deemed it safe enough, it was ok to take. And it hasn't affected my daughter at all...she's happy and healthy. Best of luck.


m_sweetgurl - July 27

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I experienced that my WHOLE pregnancy and still am to find out I have PPOCD. Do you have intrusive thoughts?



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