Did Anyone Use A Doula

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spamanda - October 4

Hello ladies -- I'm thinking about becoming a doula, just starting to do the research and read the books. Just wondering if any of you had a doula attend your labors, what your liked or disliked, or anything else you can think of. Or, if you had a friend/mom/etc there to help coach, did that make a difference? Personally I had my mom there along with my husband, she was amazing and I credit the two of them with helping me have a wonderful, drug-free labor. Thanks for your help! ~spam


sagekelli - October 12

i had my bf, my mom (who ony had c sections, but was great emotional support) and my little sis, and my doula (LOVE HER!!!) she was amazing, and i labored at home til the last hour and hda a drug free birth that i credit to her support. the only thing i didn't like was silly, the rice sock that felt soooo good around my belly smelled GROSS (i actually used it last month around my neck for a sore throat and swollen glands and could hardly smell it at all...i tried...guess my senses really were heighted) she squeezed my hips when i thought they were breaking and it was a life saver it helped my baby drop down. i can't say enough good thjings about her. she offered her services for free since i was living in a shelter for pregnant women at the time and i am soooo greatful. i am doing the reading to become a doula as well, i want to do something until i can afford training cla__ses. i'm also looking into midwifry schools. i could go on forever but my little one is getting into something. i live in the phoenix,az area. where are you? location makes a big difference in people's receptiveness to "alternative" (see natural/normal) labor and support as well as education. YAY for more doulas in the world!


spamanda - October 13

Sagekelli -- I am in Wisconsin, about two hours west of Madison. There are doula cla__ses in Madison and in Minneapolis, MN (also about 2 hours away). There are a lot of people interested in alternative medicine, home births, homeotherapy, things like that around here. Mostly though I am SO committed to helping women have babies. Like you, I'm just getting started and doing research/reading while I learn more and save up money for cla__ses. Also, right now it's not possible for me to quit my job... and I'd have to quit if I really wanted to be a doula full-time. That's really cool that your doula works with shelters, I have heard of such a thing and think that's just amazing. My son is just one year now. Hold old is your LO? Thanks for the input! ~spam


tryin44 - October 22

Thats funny this post was on here. I was just looging on to ask about this. I have four kids just had my final this past Tues. Every since my first son was born I have been OBSESSED with the whole birth process. I have looked into the whole midwife thing and breifly the doula thing. I would truelly love and feel called to be a delivery room nurse. The problem is I am 33 and feel that by the time my new baby is old enough for me to start cla__ses I will be completely out of the running. I would love to get more info on this stuff and love to hear from older women who have went through schooling such as this at my age and did it. I actually was saddened at my daughtersd birth thinking this was it for me I would never experience this again. I could have more but my DH would kill me. He is done for sure. Plus four kids is a good number now days.


spamanda - October 22

trying44 heck, 33 isn't old at ALL, lol. I'm 30, btw. I think it's probably better to be older and wiser, calmer, all of that. I don't know if we'll be having another or not, we'll see what happens. but good luck if you do go for it! ~spam



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