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nicolasa1786 - September 22

Hi everyone, Im new to this so try and take it easy on me. lol. Ok let me start off saying I gave birth to my 1st and most wonderful baby ever on Feb24, 07. Labor was quick and easy and I didnt take any pain medications. Everything was going Hidey-Ho... I was br___tfeeding religiously, I was able to stay home with him, My husband and I both just felt so blessed that we all had eachother!!! I went for my 6 week check-up and I was perscribed the mini pill (cause I was br___tfeeding). Af about 9 weeks postpartum It was a regualr evening, I was burping the baby and all the sudden it felt like someone else was burping the baby. It didnt feel like I was doing those motions. I called for my husband to take him and I went to the bathroom..... I was having a panic attack... I have them before and used to be on meds for them. But, it wasnt as severe as it was in the past and it lasted much longer... possibly anxiety?? Anywho, For the past 5 months (im slowly getting better) Ive been feeling really awkward. I feel like Im a robot or like im on "autopilot" or like Im dreaming. This has been like this ever since that day. Im dizzy sometimes, and I constantly think about this "dream" im lving, which I know its reality. I constantly think about why I'm here and what is my purpose?? And stupid things like what is a tree ?? What is a car?? Im a super hypocondriac so I dont know if Im making myself feel this way or what. I haev a hard time falling asleep at night, I have a hard time concentrating, making decsions, and poor memory. Which I read can be depression. Has ANYONE ever felt this way?? Please let me know Im not going crazy.


pregnantjackie - September 24

This has got to be from lack of sleep. You sound like you are going a bit delusional which will happen to anyone who hasn't slept in a while. After my c-section I couldn't walk and was hooked up to an IV and a catheter. My hubby hadn't slept for my entire labor (26 hours) and had to take care of the baby since I was 'wired' to the bed. The baby was up all night long and my hubby hadn't slept in days. They finally took my catheter and IV out and my hubby fell asleep. He wouldn't wake up...and when he finally was up he was staring blankly and couldn't tell the difference between being asleep or awake. He was delusional and I became very worried. It was nothing a good nights sleep couldn't fix, but if you are having trouble sleeping see a doctor! It can be dangerous, especially if you are taking care of a little one.


KATP - September 27

You are just over-tired.... :)


charee - September 29

Weird... i kinda feel like this sometimes too... im always thinking about the past and what has happened... and some of the other stuff you said. ~~~ I know a couple people said its from lack of sleep... but i dont know. It could be from more than JUST that. I have been kind of depressed lately too... good luck, maybe talk to your doctor or someone


nicolasa1786 - November 10

Hey everyone thanks for all your comments! Ive been feeling a little bit better.. but it still is not completely gone, which makes me think that it is "all in my head". Its just so frustrating trying to be a wife and a mother and having these thoughts and feelings! How are you feeling charee? Did you ever go to the docs to figure out what was wrong?! Hope all is well with all 3 of you. Thanks so much for responding to my question.


Crystal83 - November 30

I tried the mini-pill because I can't take regular pill, the hormones in it are just to much for me and I felt really depressed and gross. So the Dr. told me to try mini-pill this time around because I'm bf'ing and I tried it for about 6 weeks and it did the same thing to me. I just can't handle taking BC pills and depo makes me gain weight so does the patch, hence why I have 3 kids! lol. Maybe you should talk to your Dr. about what other birth control options you have as well.



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