Does It Hurt To Have Sex After Baby

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Amy_mommy - May 25

i'm exactly 6 weeks today after delievery of my baby girl, Carla... quick question. does it hurt to have s_x the 1st time after u had a baby???????????????


ashtynsmom - May 25

It did for me, and still does. My daughter is now 4 mos old, and I am still uncomfortable sometimes. I had an episiotomy, and a 3rd degree tear, so that is why. I had s_x at 6 weeks post partum, but my husband had to be EXTREMELY gentle and slow.


JEN - May 25

I am the same as astynsmom- I had a 3rd degree tear and s_x was horribly painful the first few times. It still hurts a little bit now at 6 months after, but it gets better each time. Just take it slow and be gentle remembering what your body has just gone through and you will be fine.


luvmyboys - May 25

I agree, just take it slow and be prepared that it might be uncomfortable. But not necessarily. We started about 3 weeks after I had my last son and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. But I only had a very small tear that healed really quickly.


starr - May 25

Well after my first son who weighed 10 lbs I had a small tear and waited about 4 wks before I had s_x and yes, it was painful although the tear had already healed.It does get easier though.


Brenda - June 3

I also started 3 week pp and it was uncomfortable, i guess it depends it you tear or not. thankfully i didn't and it was just a matter of being sore and scared. just make sure you use lubrication even if you think you dont need it that will make it so much easier. and tell your hubby to be gentle and to take it really slow. maybe this is too much info but maybe you should lay side to side him behind you and you control the penetration. good luck


flower.momma - June 4

For me the first time after having a baby almost felt like the first time ever. It hurt a lot, but every time it hurt a little less and by 2 1/2 months pp it was back to normal (better in fact, as I was too small before)



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