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BWIND - February 22

I've only been home from the hospital since Sunday...but I'm having a horrible time sleeping. Everyone has told me to sleep when the baby sleeps...BUT every little sound he makes I want to check on him. I'm paranoid that if I go to sleep he will stop breathing, spit up and choke on it...etc.... My hubby and I have a great baby...but the lack of sleep is killing me. SO far we have in a bassinet in our living room. We've just taken turns watching him. If we watch him we stay out on the couch. The problem is...I can't sleep. My hubby requires MUCH more than me....He usually sleeps from 1AM-7AM....That is usually when I'm with baby. My hubby goes back to work on Monday. My hubby goes to bed around 10PM. I keep trying to tell him that I'm not going to be able to tend to baby all day long and then from 10 PM until the next day. I need to learn to sleep when baby sleeps...ANY ADVICE? How can I make my husband realize that I need his help also during the night? Hubby has been EXCELLENT...but it's not fair that he gets to sleep for 6-7 hours straight and I don't!!!!


suze42 - February 23

You definitely need your sleep as well! Its as important or MORE since your baby is affected by your state of mind. DH and I had a schedule that always gave us at leat a 4-6hr chunk of sleep. If I recall, I went to bed early like around 9pm...then Dh took the 9pm and the 12am feedings. He went to bed and I would take the 2-3am and the 6am...basically instead of every other feeding we took 2 in a row. Im telling you it really worked for us. He would get a big chunk of sleep from midnight to morning..and I would get my chunk from 9pm to 3am...then any on top of it was bonus. I also did nap w/baby on the couch during the day...1 or 2 really gotta do it. Dont worry about your house or meals...its time to take care of baby...and DH has to not only help YOU but also not make any additional expectations from you. Believe me, it will change...In a few months baby will wake up less, and you will get more sleep. If you have any ?? let me know...also are you b___st or doesnt matter if you can pump so you DH can feed...I bottlefed so it wasnt an issue. It can be done...I have to say, I really did not feel as sleep deprived as I feared. But DH helped 50pct, for sure.


BWIND - February 24

Thanks, we really need to work a schedule out. Right now, I enjoy staying up with my baby and rocking him...BUT I'm not going to be able to do that when I go back to work. I'm off 12 weeks. DH is just going to have to deal with getting up. He won't let me sleep in the bedroom with the monitor...b/c he doesn't want the monitor waking him up. Thanks for the schedule.


suze42 - March 6

bwind, how is it going????


BWIND - March 6

Going very well right now. I have given hubby all night duties during the weekend, and when he comes home from work he takes over. Last night I took a nap at 7:30. I'm doing much better sleeping when our son sleeps at night. At first, I was paranoid something would happen to him. Now, I'm able to sleep. He's a pretty good sleeper. He'll be 3 weeks this Thursday and sleeps about 4 hours a night. Thanks for your help.



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