Epidural Foot Numbness Question

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dwc - February 1

I had my baby jan 29th. I got the epidural and it wore off just fine except for my right foot. I have server numbness on the bottom of my foot and my toes. It is hard for me to walk on it and causes me to limp. The doc said it could be caused from the epidural or that I pinced a nerver while giving birth and it should return to normal in 2-3 weeks. My question is has anyone else experienced something like that and did it go away and how quickly? It is scary being here with baby alone and weak like this. I am worried in a few weeks whether I will be able to drive or not and a few other things like the feeling will it ever return. I am driving my self crazy with worry and my dh seems to think I will be just fine, but was hoping someone on here may have experience with this sort of thing and have comforting news. Thanks


Kav - February 2

Funny enough, the same thing has happened to me except the numbness shoots from my knee down my shin. I had my baby nov 22nd! and it hasn't worn away. I have been having physio on my wrist for another problem and asked them and they checked my neck and told me everything was fine - no nerves trapped - and it should go away soon - but like you i am getting more and more worried! I think I will ask my doctor about it. It hasn't stopped me driving, walking etc. I would pester your doc if it doesn't disapear don't wait as long as me as no-one will take me seriously when I say it could be my epidural or labour from Nov. Hope you get it sorted.


Justine - February 2

I had a baby in October and was severely numb in the back (probably epidural site) for about 5 days then it just went and I'm fine. Hopefully yours will just go soon too. You should definately go back if it doesn't go by itself soon though.


cae - February 3



cae - February 3

Hi, dwc I had a similar experience. I had my baby on January 26th, and I too had an epidural. When the anesthesiologist was inserting the epidural, I felt a lot of pain, numbess and tingling at my left leg. I told him this, and he repositioned the catheter. After they pulled the catheter out, the epidural went away after 2-3 hours and everything was going fine. The following day, I was experiencing some pain, numbness and tingling at my left leg,(the leg that was painful during the epidural administration) that was radiating down from the back of my thigh to my foot and toes. The pain felt similar to that when he put the epidural in. I was so afraid that the anesthiologist misplaced the epidural cathether or hit a nerve. I was in pain. I called the on call doctor that night and he said that most likely it wasnt the epidural and to take the motrin around that clot like prescribed. So i did, hoping it would go away. All the next day, still hurt. I called my doctor then that following morning, and she stated she was almost positive that it was not the epidural that was causing this pain. She had me come in to get an arterial ultrasound done to rule out a DVT(blood clot), she states women who are pregnant are prone to these-and are life threatening. She said most likely it would be negatve, and that she thought the pain was most likely from the position I was in when in labor. I was in those stirrups-where you rest your thighs on. She said since I was so numb, I could not feel that it could have been an uncomfortable position and I could have cause some temparary nerve irritation, and that it should go away in a few days. She a__sured me that it was temporary. But she did say, if it does not go away, she would like to do some further testing. The next day, I felt the pain only once-all day. The following day, the pain went away. THANK GOD. I prayed and prayed, hoping the epidural was not the cause of it. So hopefully yours will go away also, just give it more time, but call you doctor about it. They may have you come in to do some testing. I hope all goes well with you and your baby. Take care.


dwc - February 3

thanks so much for everyones responses. please pray with me that everthing turns out okay.


dwc - February 11

Thanks for all of the responses. It has been two weeks and no change with my foot. They are sending me to a neurologist on Wed to get some testing done, wish me luck...


dwc - February 15

well doc seems to think I ruptured a disc during the pushing process. We do an mri next week and will see what the next step will be, please keep me in your prayers.


cae - February 16

dwc--i wil pray for you. I hope all goes well. Please keep us posted. Thanks.


anne - February 24

I had an epidural when i delivered my daughter in july 2005. i complained about thigh numbess later that day and was ignored. the numbness continued on and off for about 3 months! and forget about sleeping on my belly or walking. it took me 5 months! the site where they put the needle in still gives me a squirming up-the-spine-pain that causes me instant migraines. its so messed up. no one listens to my complaints. all i get is "all the medical journals say this isn't possible. women dont have lingering problems from the epidural" look at all of you. is it all in yours heads too? i think not.


sportymao - October 2

I had similar problem with dwc after my labor and had epidural injection WHEN I had a boy ON SEPT 30TH. My docs had no clue what is going on. They seemed to be unable to give a clear explanation. My god, I just wondered if you have already recovered from this numbness. Any experience or comment will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt hopeless.


closer494 - June 11

My daughter in law has just had a baby 6-6-07 and the same thing has happened to her. Can you please tell me what your outcome was?


rcmarquette - November 24

strange thing. i just had a hip replacement and the doc used an edidural. i am now 6 and 1/2 weeks post op and sitll have numbness in y foot and toes. can't move them up or down. canyhone have similiar restriction in movement??


alishastev - September 11

I just got out of the hospital yesterday after being keept their for a week because of this exact same reason. The anesthesiologist thought it was because of the epidural and sent me for a cat scan and a MRI both came back normal so they ruled out the epidural being the problem. They then ran test on my legs and found out that my nerves that run down the back of my legs are not working. They said it was probably because of the baby pushing on a nerve and the nerves are bruised and need time to recover. I know this thread is from 2006 but if you get this message please let me know what happend with your situation. When you recovered what did they end up saying the problem was? Just curious, I've been like this for a week now and it's really hard to get around and scary when I lose my balance I still can't walk around with my baby I really want to know when and if this will ever go back to normal. I have been looking online for hours now for any information on this and finally got to someone who has experienced the same thing as me really want to know what happened with you.


ity - April 28

Hi Alishastev I am having the same problem as you and I just gave birth to my son April 23 and I am still numb. I was wondering what happen with you and if it got any better? What was the problem? Hopefully you can respond to this since your last post was in 09. I am really scared I won't be able to run after my son when he gets older and do normal things :(. Please help!! Thank you..


MLS2012 - July 13

I delivered my daughter 5 weeks ago via v____al delivery with an epidural. After the epidural wore off, I did not regain feeling in my right leg from the knee down. They did a CT Scan which showed no spine damage and it was concluded that the nerves in my leg were pinched from the position my leg was in the stirrup. I saw a neurosurgeon who performed an EMG test and he also concluded that my Sciatic and Perineal nerves were compressed and that I should regain feeling in 3-6 months. I started Physical Therapy immediately twice a week and still have no feeling. I've had unimaginable numbness pain but am coping as best I can. My OBGYN and the anesthesiologist who performed the epidural both said they had never seen an injury like this and more or less dismissed the entire thing while I was in the hospital following the birth.


MLS2012 - July 13

Allshastev: It seems as though we have the same situation. It's been 5 weeks since my daughter's birth and I have not regained feeling in my lower leg and foot. Have you recovered? If so, can you give me details of your recovery, such as signs and symptoms you experienced while recovering? Thanks.



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