Episiotmy And Discomfort

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Lissa - January 27

I delivered 17 days ago, and I think my st_tches are all disolved..do they nornally disolve that quick? I am still very sore in that area, esp. towards the top, it hurts to sit, move, to do anything really. Is this normal? Hurting mostly at the top? I am worried that I might have something else wrong...any reassurence or advice would be helpful! Thanks!


2short4u - January 30

I delivered almost 3 weeks ago and around 2 weeks I think my st_tches were all dissolved. They told me that it would take around 2 or 3 weeks for it to dissolve. At times I am still sore esp. towards the top but it's not to the point where I can't do anything. I'd go ahead and wait to see if the pain gets any worse b/c last week I was in the same positon as you were. I used Tucks and Dermoplast for the pain. It didn't help a whole lot but enough where I could relax for a little bit. If your still concerned just call your doc. and ask him, that's what their for.


Meredith - February 2

I had a natural birth and I have the same pains you are talking about, I would not worry, you have to remember you pushed a baby outta there. I had an episiotomy before too, and I thought that was why I had those pains, but you have them either way.


ga2bme - February 6

Hi Lisa, I had an episiotomy with both my girls and the first one was from one end to the other. If ya know what I mean. Did they send you home with a sids bath! If not what I found to be a Godsend was just running some hot, hot water in the bottom of the tub and sitting in it for about 10-15 minutes at a time. The hot water will help the pain subside for a while and will also help in the healing of your st_tches and such. I truly know what you felt I don't think that I had a bowel movement for days because I was afraid to rip the st_tches. Ouch! Another thing that might be causing you to be in pain is maybe you are doing to much or on your feet to much. You know thats alot of gravity pulling down on those parts down there and I know when I came home from the hospital it felt like there was bowling ball pulling my v____a towrds the floor. Just take it easy and give yourselft enough time to get back into things. You deserve a little down time! Good Luck!



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