Episiotomy Problems

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BWIND - February 20

I had our baby last week and had to have an episiotomy. Baby is doing great, but mom is not!!! The doctor had to make a pretty long incision...I probably have at least 10 st_tches. In the hospital I wasn't in much pain...but once I came home the pain set in. I am so swollen down below....I can't sit and stand up. It is so hard to even walk. I am worried I have an infection....I go back to the doctor tomorrow...Has anyone had an episiotomy and this happen to? I also have a small temp of 99-100. I am wondering if that is because my milk is coming in....Any advice?


sagekelli - February 20

i thought the same thing. i swore i'd do the whole drug free labor thing all over again if i could just not have the tear or st_tches thats how bad it hurt. have your doc check and make sure its ok then buy a foam donut to sit on from walgreens it takes the pressure off that area. do your sitz baths or like my doc told me try and sit in a warm/hot bath 20min 4 times a day...yeah right, who has that time with a new born, but the water gets blood circulating which speeds healing. in a week or two it should be a lot better if not completly fine. hang in there


proudmommy - February 21

I also had an episiotomy. They gave me pain killers and motrin. I too couldn't sit or stand or walk w/o them. They also gave me some epifoam, dermaplast and told me to take sitz baths. They also in the hospital put ice packs down there to help the swelling. I did it at home the first couple days too. About 2 weeks later it got a lot easier.


BWIND - February 21

Thanks so much for your input....I'm just so sore....Now I'm not sure if I did have an episiotomy or if I tore down there...Doc never told me anything about it. I just a__sumed it was an episiotomy. Also, did you notice an odor as time went on? I figured it's probably normal since I'm not really washing or wiping regulary. I found that if I jump in the shower and spray down there with hot water several times a day that helps. Did you guys put Tucs in your pad and leave them? They told me to do that at the hospital...I thought maybe that was irritating it....Now I just pat with them. Today was a little easier. I still am going to the doc on Wed....just to ease my mind.


proudmommy - February 21

ok, well I tore but the nurse marked episiotomy. Either way you have st_tches, and that's why u are sore. I heard that nowadays a surgical cut down there can actually be worse than a tear. As for wiping, they gave me a water bottle type thing told me to use that after I was done then to pat dry.


sarahbaby11 - March 16

i had one with my daughter 3 years ago it was a long cut. i remember it clearly. it hurt so bad i could barely sit for a short car ride even. forget walking i found laying on my back the only comfortable position. i had a suirt bottle i spryed after i went to the bathroom as i couldn't wipe. the tucs pads helped so did ice packs. once it starts to heal it will just itch so sadly its a few weeks of pain. try to rest as much as possible i just lept the baby near me in her ba__sinet along with the diaper bag to eliminate having to get up as often.


Janny - March 19

Another question - I had an episiotomy and had all the same problems - did all the same things - BUT - did you feel that they (the doctor) stiched it up wrong? I know the v____a stretches and is supposed to somewhat go back to it's original size - but it doesn't feel that way to me. It seems he could have added a couple more st_tches - there seems to be a problem with air getting trapped down there. (sorry if it's too much info. - just want to know if anyone had similar issues!) I want it to be the same, or as close as, it was before!


danielle3318 - November 5

DONT EVER LET YOUR DOCTOR HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR BIRTH. He is being paid thousands of dollars from your insurance, AND you combined for the little time he spends in the room with you! He should be patient, and how the whole process goes from start to finish should be based on EXACTLY how you want it to go. If he acts like he is in a hurry, he is truly NOT genuine, and should not be a doctor in the first place. Doctors perform episiotomies ALL the time because they are impatient and want to get it over and done with so they can either leave, or see another patient to make more money in as little time as possible. If you refuse, they will even make you feel like you NEED one, and manipulate you in the heat of the moment! Be VERY judging when choosing your doctor, take you time, and go through a few or many if needed! and i saw great advice earlier, women doctor's are usually a better choice, not that you shouldn't be cautious of them either, but in many cases, they have been through it before, they feel for you, and they wont make cruel decisions that can effect you for weeks, months, years just to save themselves time or money. I am a Nursing a__sistant in labor and delivery, and i have seen this first hand many many many times and it infuriates me. PLEASE take complete control over your birth. let everything happen naturally, push when you feel an urge to push, rest when you feel the urge to rest. It's how it's supposed to be done! Women have done it for millions of years and it's not untill recently that EVERYONE else is in control. So cruel and unneccessary. The doctors know it to. Not only should you take control, have your husband, your mother, best friend in there who is protective of you MAKE SURE they listen to you. I feel for all of you mothers, and expecting mothers. I am pa__sionate and proud of you. And when i have my second child in March, you know i wont be afraid to tell the doctor BACK OFF, do NOT tell me what to do. Encouragement is one thing, manipulation is WRONG.



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