Episiotomy Stitches Do They Tear

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jenice - March 6

Hello all! I just had my baby girl on Saturday, and they had quite the time trying to get her out. Needless to say, I had an episiotomy, and although I don't know how many st_tches the doctor put in, I know there's a lot. (I'm terrified to look. Does it look bad, having st_tches down there?) Sometimes, when I sit a certain way, or move too much, it feels like the st_tches are pulling and I'm scared I'm ripping. My flow is still pretty consistant, so it's difficult to tell if the st_tches are bleeding. Are there any ways to tell if things are healing properly? If I take a look down there, what should I be looking for? And, how long is it going to hurt this badly? (What's considered "normal"?) Any advice on how to deal with this discomfort would be greatly appreciated!


denimb__terfly - March 7

It would probably do you no good to look down there. 1) you probably won't be able to see everything 2) you probably would not want to see what you are feeling. If that makes any sense to you. What you are feeling is totally normal. I know with all 3 of my kids I felt that. Even with #3 I was still wondering if the st_tches were tearing or coming out. They aren't. If you call your docs office they will tell you that too. As far as pain, you are going to feel it for awhile and it's different for everybody and even every child you have. Obviously by the 6th week after birth you should be feeling more like normal, that is why the doctor does not want to see you before then. You might not be totally back to normal by then, but at least your doctor will be able to make sure everything is doing what it is supposed to be doing. The only thing I can tell you that might help pain wise is Tucks Pads made things feel better for me. Especially when the itching starts. Just try to make sure you change your pad frequently and try to keep things clean down there, take motrin for the pain and other than that give your body time to heal. It will take a little while (just think of all it has gone through!!!), but you will gradually feel things getting better and if you are really worried you can always call the doctor-- just realize they have been asked the same questions so many times that sometimes the stupid nurses or receptionists that answer your call sometimes aren't so friendly or helpful. Congrats on being a mom!!!! :-)


evae777 - March 7

jenice, oh no! do not look down there! i took advice from everyone and did not look. I was fully healed after 5 weeks, it may seem like forever but trust me it will heal really fast once you reach your 3rd or 4th week postpartum. it helped me to use the squirt bottle after everytime i used the bathroom.keeping it clean makes a big difference & yes the tucks pads were of great help too. don't worry, it may be tight and itchy because it is healing. since its tight of course any movement can feel like you are tearing. just think of a cut that scabs up.. typically will feel dry and itchy and tight. it is RARE that a st_tch is ripped or something serious went wrong down there. but if it is really painful, you may call your doc anyway. i went in after 2 weeks postpartum to get double checked because i was worried and everything was fine. so please try to not look. most people i know regret it once they do. i'm glad i didnt look. once i did look, it was 5 weeks postpartum and it looked totally normal when I thought that something may have not healed properly. hang in there...



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