Farting And Episotomy

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Honey Bee - May 24

Anyone fart a little bit more after having a episotomy?? My episotomy went fine and healed great but I have noticed a increase in farting since, will it go away after awhile or am I a woopi cusion for long term. If so its not the worst thing that could happen


luvmyboys - May 25

I didn't have an episiotomy but I have the same problem you do. It was really bad for awhile! I think it's just because all those muscles get stretched out and weakened and then you can't hold them in anymore! But I have been trying to do kegel exercises and I'm hoping it helps. I'm not as bad as I used to be so I think it's working. I am almost 7 week pp.


Fatima - July 11

That cracked me up! Im on the same boat as you. Yesterday at work, I tried to hold it in but it just came out even louder!! I acted like nothing happened but Im sure everyone heard. LOL


kr - July 11

I didn't have an episiotomy, but I did notice a windier bottom. It must be a muscle thing because as months went by (and I did my exercises) it got better. I also think s_x really improved the situation for me. The first few times were rough (way worse than 40 weeks pregnant s_x), but when I upped the s_x frequency the gas went down. Of course, it might be our bodies just getting back in the flow of things after being all cramped up inside too.


SusanS - August 22

I had an episiotomy and I too have been having to pa__s a lot fo gas, in addition to that I have been severely constipated since giving birth, 12 weeks pp, I poop like a rabbit, is this normal?


San - August 23

Yes, unfortunately constipation is pretty normal. Just try to increase your fibre intake...Metamusil is your best bet. And drink lots of water. GL


ashtynsmom - September 15

LOL!! I love it.... I am not the only one!! Everytime I laugh or cough, it seems like one escapes!! I think the muscles are just so stretched out. Plus, I had a 3rd degree tear... so that didn't help! I have tried kegels, but I dont' know if that will help my b___t, too, or not?? :)



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