Flabby Tummy

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evae777 - April 11

I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight except for the flab of skin on my belly that hangs over when I sit! I am only 29 yrs old and this is my first child. Will this flab go away?? I can't imagine how it will be after a few more kids! I feel so gross when I where jeans and pants. Anyone out there have this experience? Seems like most moms I know lost all their weight and more!


Crystal83 - April 11

It SEEMS like most moms have lost all the weight, but in fact most do not lose all of it. They hang on to 10-20lbs of it usually. I find it hard to lose the weight after having my 3rd child. I'm 7 months pp and have 30 lbs to lose still. It's coming off though slowly. I can tell you that if you lose the layer of fat around your tummy and tone it up you'll probably have it back to normal. Some women it depends though. My tummy went back to normal after the first one. With my 2nd it was really flabby and jellowy for like 2 years until I finally got off my b___t and tried to tone it up. But there was still a little bit of a pouch at the bottom no matter how much I toned. With my 3rd my stomach has pretty much gone back to normal but I have the little pouch that I think is there for good. It's my hips and b___t that got big this time! lol. Oh and I'm 25 years old. I had my first when I was 17 so my body pretty much bounced right back even though I had gained 60 lbs during pregnancy. I gained 40 lbs with the other 2 and it gets harder and harder to lose it becasue the body starts holding onto the fat more tightly after the body has gone through many gains and loses in such a short period of time. You shouldn't have anything to worry about if you work hard to keep your body in shape throughout all your pregancies. hehe now that you know my life story........good luck to you!


evae777 - April 11

thanks crystal! I am 29 yrs old. so i may not be as fortunate. i want 3 more kids too, so i don't know about that anymore. what worked for you in toning it up? just running?? or what? I have been too busy to exercise since i have the pain of exclusively pumping and then watching the baby and taking care of the house!


lil-miss-saunders - April 12

Hi evae777! Im SO with you on this one! I had my little girl in November and the flabbyness of my belly is really starting to get me down! I put on less than 2 stone when pregnant which i thought was good ... but i have only lost a stone since having her! You would think being 17 my body would go back to normal but it really isnt happening! I would also like to no what sort of things worked for people to lose it because it really isnt attractive! x


Crystal83 - April 14

I do cardio and strength training. The cardio helps to burn fat and the strength training tones up the muscles. I just do both for 30 min each 3x a week. i know it's hard to find time when you have a little one. But I told myself if I'm really worried about it and want to get myself back in shape then somehow I will find the time. I invested in an exercise ball and a resistance band for strength training and I go jogging after supper for about 25-30 min. I also eat between 1500-1800 calories a day. Nothing less than 1500 or I starve and nothing more than 1800 or I don't lose weight and I splurge on something fatty every Friday night. iIve been doing this for the past 2 months and have lost 11 lbs so far and 10 inches from all over my body. My tummy is starting to look better now too!



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