For Those Of Us Against Using Birth Control

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margie - February 11

I found there are a lot of posts on here with women in the same situation that I am and figured I'd start a thread for us. I just had a baby and don't want to take birth control at all. I am currently 9 weeks post partum and am waiting to see if I'm pregnant again now and although I would love and adore another baby it would be difficult to be pregnant this soon for a number of reasons. Any ideas??


evae777 - February 11

Hi Margie! I have nothing on this topic, but just wanted to say hi. I hope you are enjoying motherhood and your new babygirl!


margie - February 12

Hi! Yes, Im in love!!! She is getting cuter and more fun everyday. Motherhood really becomes your life once that little one is here and it is pure joy! How are you doing?


evae777 - February 12

Hi Margie! I am only 3 weeks postpartum so still recovering & have mast_tis. I am having a little trouble with b___stfeeding. it has been tough. i am just praying each day will get better to where i can truly enjoy motherhood. are you back at work or are you staying home?


cors1wfe - February 12

what about your dh pulling out? it may not be the most effective but better than trusting b___st feeding? I didn't menstruate while nursing so????? We didn't use anything but I was fine but now sure I'd take that route again this time he'll be the pull out king


Crystal83 - February 26

The only form of BC I have ever used is "pulling out" with hubby. We have 3 daughters. The only times he ever did ejaculate in me were the times I got pregnant! So I stick by this method so far. I can't take pills, they make me feel really yucky and depressed like I have PMS all the time.


VenusdiMilo - February 28

Hi Margie, how are you? I hope all is well with you and your family. Well, I am in the same situation right now therefore I really cannot give you any advice on this topic. I don't know if you've read my post t_tled "Hesitation about getting pregnant again" Well, we're still not using any BC and for this month we've been extremely bad if you know what I mean. My next period is around March 2nd so now I'm extremely anxious to see it come. Well, good luck to you and I'll be checking in soon. Blessings!


cors1wfe - March 1

Although I have my post partum birth control plan I wanted to say that if you want to use what is called the rhythm method you can download an ovulation calendar - it will tell you when you are ovulating and days to avoid s_x. Then you dh can pull out during those days and you "should" be fine after that - i got the calendar too little too late - I put in my period saw my ovulation date and knew instantly I was pregnant - it was something else - so if it worked in the reverse for me I am sure it will help you ladies avoid getting pg while b___st feeding - I am not expert on s_x and b___stfeeding so I can't remember if you can get pregnant while b___st feeding I just know I didn't have a period while nursing - hope this helps good luck - just google downloadable ovulation calendar - it might cost to download after a free trial but it might be worth it - or use condoms I guess. Good luck and congrats on your little ones!!


Teddyfinch - March 2

may i suggest a book called "taking charge of your fertility". it talks about natural family planning and really goes in depth about how to chart and track your ovulation.


tynadu - March 3

I don't use the pill because of all the added health risks. I am 4 weeks pp and plan to use condoms and spermicide as birth control. I do not want to get pregnant for at least a year....maybe even a year and a half.


Anathi - March 6

Hi margie congrats o you baby girl well we use condoms since I do get af and lots such that I've realised my milk supply is low ever since I went to my uncle flow anyway I also got a baby girl on the 10th Dec. """"CUTE HEY"""


Brenna - May 7

Our dd will be 13 months monday,and we use condoms on fertile days and withdrawal the rest of the time.It's worked so far!


margie - June 27

thank you everyone for your suggestions and sharing what you use! i am 6 months pp and using natural methods, still not pregnant. :-) i am still wanting to wait at least another year--i think! who knows when the baby bug might bite me again though for sure


browneyes21 - August 17

hey ladies... my dh an i are using condoms my son is 3 months... and i havent had a period yet it should have been due the 10??!?!? im praying im not prego!!!


Krissy25 - August 17

If you haven't had a period yet how do you know when it is due? You can always take a test to be sure. Are you b___stfeeding? That can keep your period from comming for several months.



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