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BWIND - February 24

My baby is 9 days old. I tried br___tfeeding, and that did NOT work. Right now I've been bottlefeeding him Enfamil Lipil W/ Iron. We are using the ready made stufff. (I'd like to transfer to powder). Anway, how do I know if the formula agrees with my baby? I'm worried he's constipated. He hasn't pooped one time today. How often should a newborn poop?


Lala - February 25

formula fed babies poop alot less than b___st fed babies. every couple of days is normal as long as baby's belly is soft and non-tender.


Sonny0719 - February 26

Hi Bwind, the nurse told me aslong as they have 6 to8 diapers a day weather its poop or pee, they are fine. My son was drinking that formula, then he started choking on it as well as constipated. My doctor told me to change to Enfail Nutrimagen, its hyperallergenic, apparently he was allergic to something that made him constipated. If your baby is constipated take him or her to the doctor and ask about that formula. It is really good yet a bit more expensive than enfamil lipil. I also suggest to use powder its less expensive. Alot of babies are allergic to Enfamil Lipil, its the cows protein as well as the iron that some babies like mine are sensitive too. GOOD LUCK!


MB - March 5

Hi my Lo is 3 weeks old and i used enfamil lipil w/iron my baby is ga__sy and was slightly constipated so i swithched to enfamil gentlease and that did the trick, especially in the bowel department !!


BWIND - March 6

MB, we also switched to Gentlease after talking to the ped. He is doing MUCH better with having dirty diapers. Do you notice the powder being more clumpy? It seems to get stuck in the nipple and our son can't get any formula out. I usually have to stop him and play with the nipple to get it going again. Not sure if it is the formula or the nipples we use. Also, just curious, how much is your LO drinking at a feeding? Our son drinks 3-4 ounces every 2 1/2 - 4 hours. He has about 8 bottles a day. Seems like a lot to me. Sounds like our lo are about the same age.


Tink07 - March 12

My son is 2 weeks today and on the enfamil Lipil with Iron as well. He was constipated yesterday so I called my pediatrician and she said to add a teaspoon of mola__ses to every 2 onces of formula for one day and then a teaspoon to a couple of bottles a day once he is regular again. I asked her about switching to another formula and she said that I should not that she recommends the Lipil. After reading all the responses on this thread I am wondering if I should switch anyway? I think now he is having the oppisite problem and has diarrhea.


MB - March 31

my lo has 4 oz every 3-4 hours, now started to give him a 6 oz bottle at night ( he is now 6 weeks) and he sleeps for about 6 hours !!!


madison - April 3

my baby is also on the enfamil lipil w/iron and has been more ga__sy it seems- we just started on the forumla about 5 days ago. thinking about switching to the enfamil gentlease and i see some of you have tried it. hopefully it will help with the gas.



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