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Jenn72 - April 1

My little guy is now a bit over 4 weeks old and has been terribly gassy the last couple of weeks which has resulted in a crabby baby due to the gas pains. We've been trying to br___tfeed and because I'm not producing quite enough milk for him I've had to supplemant with formula. Has anyone had problems with a gassy baby and have suggestions to help him (gripe water and ovol don't seem to help). Any tips would help....both baby and I would appreciate it!


jas - April 8

Try switching formula... I had the same thing happen to me. I went from Enfamil with Lipil to their new brand - Emfamil Gentlease with Lipil - it's for ga__sy and fussy babies - I noticed a BIG change in him...


miami_loca - April 16

jas---did your pediatriican recommened it, or did you just change on your own? Im thinking of doing this as well becuz of my sons ga__siness.


kelsey - April 17

Try Mylecon drops. Unfortunatley Nathan was and still gets ga__sy and these did not help much, but I know a lot of people they did. Theres this natural stuff i just bought for gas and it works great. Ill find out the name when i leave work and get back to ya


jas - April 18

I changed formulas on my own... It takes a good three to four days to see a change


carmendanielle - May 4

kelsey, do you happen to know what kind of natursl drops you use? do you b___stfeed?


K - May 5

The Mylecon drops really worked well for my little girl. Also, keep an eye on your diet in relation to when he has bad gas episodes. It turned out everytime I ate green or red bell peppers my little girl had bad gas. The minute I cut them out of my diet, her bad episodes stopped.


Mongosmrs - May 5

Try switching your baby to soy formula if you're currently using a milk based formula; your baby may have allergies to cow's milk. Neutramagin by Enfamil is also very good, but very expensive! If you use powder formula, try boiling rice for a few minutes and then using the rice water (once cooled, of course), instead of just regular water. The starch from the rice will help to reduce colic. The mylicon drops are also great and the bouncy chairs that vibrate help also. Best of luck to you!



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