Gauze Cloth Found Inside Vigina After 45 Days Of Delivery

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Hema - October 18

Hello, I Delivered Baby Girl 6 Weeks back in a well known Hospital in VA. Two weeks after my delivery I got a severe fever for every 4 hrs then visited our Gynecologist. After doing some lab tests she put me under Antibiotics and Tylenol as there is infection. For the past few days my urine smelled so bad and today (after 6 weeks) I found some foreign body hanging in my va___a and when pulled it out it’s a “Gauze” cloth which is been used to clean the uterus when I deliver the Baby. I called and visited the doctor today, she said first the nurses should have removed that after some time in the hospital and after some time she is saying its common the Doctors leave that gauze cloth to stop the blood during the delivery and sewing cut parts. And she is saying its supposed come out automatically after 1 or 2 weeks and in my case it didn’t come out due to some reasons. After checking my va___a today she is saying nothing to worry about every thing is fine it’s just a gauze material. We are little worried what will be the complications. I know for sure it’s her mistake she left it inside and she is trying to cover it. I want t know if any one had faced these kind of issues? And is it true the Doctors leave the leave the Gauze cloth inside the va___a to stop the blood? I would highly appreciate your comments on this. Thanks much


that's terrible! - October 18

They cannot leave anything "foreign" in you, your body will automatically attack it right?? Sounds like what happened to you....also sounds like malpractice, I would pursue it further!


devious - October 19

that is unusual,I would definitely look into it further,I have never heard of them leaving anything in you after delivery under any circ_mstances! But then Again I dodn't know so I would maybe het a second opinion ask around because it sounds like malpractice!


rhonda - October 20

agree totally malpractice, I would get a second opinion along with a lawyer.


me too!! - November 9

if you can believe it, this happened to me too!! For 4 weeks, I could not sit up because the pain was SO unbearable, and every time I called my dr. about the pain and the smell, the nurses told me it was normal after delivering a 9 lb baby!! Not being able to handle the pain anymore, I went to my regular dr. (because my OB couldn't see me for another 2 weeks) and my regular dr. almost fainted when he saw what was up there!!! My OB acted as if this is an every day occurance, even though I know its not! Its almost been a year since I had my daughter, and I still am not back to how I was before... I have been searching to see if this has happened to others, and telling everyone I know about it so that it doesn't happen to others. I can't get those first 4 weeks back with my daughter...


Patient - November 10

It's again shocking me its happening to peopel. 4 Weeks is a big time. It was almost 5 weeks for me. Did you do any scanning after that? Did you atleast let the hospital and insurance companies know. I am doing the same. I even wanted to take the legan action but as per the state law unless there is some potential damages its not work taking it. Last question don't tell me this is one of the doctor ine reston hospital area? Thanks for the information.


Patient - November 13

You are right this is a dagerous thing and should not ignore. I'am still nor recoring from the shock. I was about go for a C-section as my baby was large according to Doctor. Thank God it happend Vaginal. If I had gone for C section my gosh donno what she would have left inside. Coming to your second point consulting an injury attorney, I did that but the suprising thing is as per Virgina Law unless there is substantial loss it's not worth to sue. Any how I am still working on that consulting some lawers. But the fisrt I am doing is let the Hospital and insurance companies know about her neglegence. I dont want some other women suffer like me with this doctor. Thanks much


Gurumurthy,Bangalore - November 27

I guess there is a fault on part of doctor and nurse. Technically speaking the v____a is the most important part of a female. If somebody does not takecare immediately (within 2 days), then there is lack of seriousness from the patient concerning about her v____a. In anyways, this is not dangerous, since gauze cloth(sterilized) is highly porous and acts as a compression device for tissue cells rather than a wound compaction device. Gauze cloth functions only on the tissue cells. Thank god it is a gauze cloth, if it was a piece of polyester then the matter was serious and infections would have lead to ultimate death. God is great...Jesus never fails, but people try to fail followers of jesus..which is indian mentality


What?! - December 26

Well, praise Jesus! I thought we were discussing foreign materials being left in our body's after giving birth... NOT having a prayer session! Gauze, synthetic material, Kleenex... anything short of a stick of dynamite is eventually going to cause an infection and scar tissue. How are you doing now Hema? Hopefully you healed well and are doing great.


From Hema - December 26

Hi Thanks for asking. I am doing ok but stil not recovered completely. Checking with couple of lawers and other gynos. Per them the they infection is still there. The lawers doing their part of investigation. Thanks


Gina - December 27

where in VA? im from northern virginia


e - January 3



Suz - January 3

Gauze was left in me after a vag delivery. An infection came about and my episiotomy was worthless so 2 months later I had to have repair surgery. This was 4 years ago and I go to trial with a prominent malpractice attorney at the end of the month...wish me luck.


phoenix_rising - February 15

That GURU-bullsh*t-whatever person is talking mumbo jumbo. I work within an ob'gyn setting and I have to process pathology reports and op notes. Due to malpractice, it is the physicians responsibilty to notate in his report that he removed all tools, AND gauze, sponges, etc from the v____a. If they do not, and in your case there was gauze left behind, and it has been doc_mented by having to take antibiotics and whatever in your chart notes. Those are inclinations for a patient to take heed, follow up on, request the op report, op notes, delivery notes whatever the case. If that statement was omitted, and you brought it to an attorney. He/she would jump at the chance. Most hospitals settle out of court. They do not want you to know these things, of course.


GEORGIA - August 10

Well, girls let me tell you I have all of the stories told here just whipped! I had a gauze left inside my v____a and FINALLY found it 7 MONTHS LATER!!!! I had called my doc several times and complained about the odor and the dark blood and they would tell me the same thing they told you "Some women experience v____al bleeding for up to a year after giving birth". Well I thought to myself well I won't ever have another baby then if it is going to be like this. Well, that Sunday morning while in the shower I found the gauze and removed it myself. I got in contact with my doc that day. I had someone to page him. He called and questioned my findings and said that it was probably a tampon and told me to call his office Mon. a.m. and make an appointment. I done just that and when I called his office and the nice little sec. told me it would be two weeks before he could see me. I WAS TERRIFIED AT THIS POINT. I had handfuls of stuff falling out of me. I switched doctors and my new doc immediately put me on antibiotics. I went to him several times with awful infections. I stayed on antibiotics for @ a year. My mom called a lawyer for me and he told her if there were no permanent damages or long term damages then there was nothing we could do. At the time there were no damages other than infections. I did not pursue it. Here I am 8 years later with 2 auto immune disorders (kidney and thyroid problems) that could very well be from the gauze according to what my kidney doctor says b/c there is no family history of either and there had to have been some kind of really bad infection to have triggered the immune disorders. I am just finding this out since Feb. 06. I would like to encourage each and every one of you that has had this to happen to you to don't wait go ahead and call a lawyer and see what can be done. By the way, I had a 6 week checkup and pap done after my little girl was born and it came back abnormal and I was told that everything was fine until my other doc got my records from him and went over them with me. Does anyone know about the statue of limitations in Georgia and how does that work or effect me? HELP!


forvivian - February 26

It happen to me too... My doctor left a sponge inside of me too... for 31 days( your case is 21 days) . I couldn’t hardly walk or stand up right. Not only was I experiencing horrible pain but I also had strong odor coming from v____a . I was in extremely pain that I can not take good care of my new born baby. After discover the spondge, I went to a lawyer who can only able to demand $5000 for me so far ( and I have to share 1/3 with my lawyer). I have to decide to take it or leave it now.....(help!) I am 1 month pregnant, I am very worry after reading your story said." In fact, I have had two miscarriages since the birth of my son and in the back of my mind I wonder if the sponge left inside me could possibly have something to do with it. " How do you negitiate with the manager of the clinic? do you hire a lawyer, is $5000 way to low????


Renee924 - March 5

I live in Va, do you mind telling me which hospital? I don't know what area you're in but i'm in Hampton Roads area and I've heard a lot of stories about Riverside in Newport News. I delivered at Mary Immaculate Hospital.



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