Has Anyone Been Premedicated To Avoid PPD Or PPOCD Ect

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Nikki822 - July 2

Hi I was wondering if anyone has been premedicated to aviod these problems? I have had bouts of anxiety and depression through out my entire life , I know that I am at a higher risk of these disorders then the average person, I was on celexa for a year a few years ago and xanax also. I went off all my meds awile ago but still suffered anxiety .. I just deal with it, I am now pregnant and fear the PPD and PPOCD so bad I was wondering if I can be medicated in my last month to aviod this ? does it help to be premedicated? I know they do that with some women who suffered from it with prior children , or is it possible that I wont get it? does anyone know of someone that suffered this before pregnancy and didnt have ppd ? I dont know if I should wait to see what happens but I think because its such a worry I will bring it on myself since anxiety is that way to begin with. Any advise would be great thanks


sahmof3 - July 4

I had PPD with my first and second born. The first lasted a year until he began sleeping all night. I was ashamed and never got help, but with baby #2 I was overwhelmed enough to go to the doctor. I was put on Lexapro and it worked. When my daughter was 2 months old and began sleeping through the night I went off it and was fine. For me the issue seems to be more lack of sleep than hormones. Anyway, with my history of PPD I was put on Zoloft a month before baby #3 was delivered and didn't have it at all. What a relief! Like you, I had depression other times in my life when I wasn't pregnant and was at greater risk for it. I honestly don't know what all the risks are to a fetus, but I'd definitely discuss it w/ your doc. I know from experience it makes a HUGE difference in enjoying your newborn!! HUGS ~sahmof3~


Nikki822 - July 29

thank you Sahomf3 , i thought that might be the case but I had never spoke with anyone with Pdd so I thought it would be better to ask, I am going to mention it to my Dr when the time comes , I just sometimes wonder if I should wait to see what happens or take steps to avoid it ( meds ) I am leaning toward the meds because I know its harder to get out of a rut then to never get in one .... thanks so much ! Enjoy your precious children !! thank you



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