Headaches Dizziness Light Headedness 6 Months Postpartum

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NewbieT - September 10

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has experienced dizziness, headaches, light headedness with no fainting spells 6 months postpartum? I went to see my Doctor today and they are testing me for Thyroiditis, Anemia and pregnancy although I know I'm not pregnant for sure. The Docs then called me this afternoon and said they want to schedule me for an MRI on Friday if the tests come back with no results. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms and if it's normal? I don't want to go for an MRI because I really don't think it's necessary but I don't want to be foolish either. Any advice or comments would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!


Malica - September 12

If it's not anaemia, i would also look into hypoglycemia. It doesn't sound like it's related to being 6 months postpartum (although those symptoms within the first month are fairly normal, mostly due to anaemia). Hope you get some answers soon.


NewbieT - September 12

Malica thanks so much for responding. My tests all came back normal so anemia, thyroiditis and pregnancy have all been ruled out. When I read your response, I remembered that about 5 years ago I was tested for being hypoglycemic and all my symptoms lead to just that. Thanks so much for posting - I can now cancel my MRI knowing that it is just my hypoglycemia playing up again. I honestly did not think an MRI was necessary (just a way for Docs to make money again) and waste what we don't really have. Thanks again!


Crystal83 - September 16

Did you have your platelette count tested? Sometimes you can get a low count during pregnancy or if a lot of blood was lost during delivery and it takes a few months to build back up again.


lararobin - October 2

I had a c-section back in May and ever since I was released from the hospital I have been dizzy. Its not your typical vertigo dizzy... I can drive and function overall. Just a feeling of floating or falling every now and then. Or like I am on a boat on a fairly calm day off shore. I prefer to drive or be moving b/c I can't really feel the sensation as much. Do you mind elaborating on the dizziness you have? What does it feel like? A little history... I was hospitalized back in 2003 for an unknown "virus" with a high fever and vomiting. Ever since I have been under the care of a Neuro b/c after I was released I started having little wormy muscle spasms primarily in my legs, but also at times in my arms and stomach area. Before this hospitilization I was ridiculously healthy - I didn't even have a PCP. I have had numerous MRIs dating back to 03... 1 in 2004... 1 in 2006 and then 2 since the birth of my daughter in May plus a spinal MRI (thorasic and cervical). The first MRI back in 03 they found "several non-specific white spots" but they "didn't present like MS". They looked old per the radiologist and Neuro possibly from childhood. 2 Neurologists have seen all of my MRIs (on CD) and they both DO NOT believe it is MS. All of the scans have stayed the same in every subsequent MRI and my recent spine MRI was completely normal. My Dr. believes that my muscle spasms might be due to damage the virus did to my neurological system when I had such a high fever. They ran every blood test known to man when I was in the hospital and everything came back normal... Lyme, Lupus, West Nile, etc etc. I still always wondered if MS would come up in my future and now since having this dizzy, lightheaded feeling for 4 months straight I am pretty nervous. It is always here. I feel better when I am well-rested but its still there in the background. At night it seems to intensify but still not to the point where I spin or can't eat/drive. I also find that I break out into a cold sweat when I am trying to get out of the house and get out running errands. I just feel generally un-well. I have seen an ENT (Inner Ear ruled out after a normal ENG), Rheumatologist (doesn't believe I have any auto immune disease after reviewing recent lab work and discussing symptoms. She also thinks highly of my Neuro), Endocrinologist (re-testing my Thyroid and Adrenal functions but doesn't believe my dizziness is related - waiting on results), Hematologist (1st Hema diagnosed me with APS after an abnormal IGA finding, but 2nd Hema and Rheumy said IGA is non-specific when my DRVVT and IGG and IGM are ALL normal. Thinks it may be a mild case of Von Willebrands - All of this originated with an abnormal PTT that my Neuro found when he ran a TON of labs looking for auto immune disorders). Long story short, nobody has a clue. My Neuro keeps rea__suring me that its not MS b/c I don't present like MS. He says I look completely different than his MS patients. My only symptoms are dizziness and these muscle spasms/twitches. I recently started Lexapro due to the anxiety of not knowing where this never ending lightheaded/dizzy feeling is coming from and I have noticed that my wormy spasms seem more like twitches now. I think it might be due to the meds. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!


sbertram - April 18

I have had this same thing for 3 mos beginning at around 5 mos postpartum. All of my tests were negative including the MRI. What ever happened with you? I would love anyone to tell me this was hormones and that it eventually went away. My dizziness is the worst most consistent part with a lot of anxiety as well. I have never had anxiety until this began. Thanks!


lararobin - April 19

I did just find my answer. Feel free to call me at 2144151093. My story is really long!!!


emac - April 26

I am 6 weeks postpartum and experiencing the same lightheadedness and dizziness. I hemorraghed after delivering on March 15, 2010 and needed several blood transfusions but my blood levels are normal now. Thyroid is fine too. Doctor wants me to go to my general pract_tioner, which I think is ridiculous considering I never experienced this before the delivery. Cannot stand feeling this way. Would love to hear if anyone has the answers.


aparaense - June 11

I am almost 5 months postpartum and also experiencing the same lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, etc. I also hemorraghed during delivery. The doctor wanted to give me a blood transfusion but I refused and she allowed me to recover on my own. I also had all of the symptoms for hypothyroid before and after pregnancy/delivery. I told this to my doctor but I guess everything came back normal. I bled for 3 months after delivery but the doctor I had was horrible and refused to run any tests and kept telling me that it was normal for some women but I did have an ultrasound done and it was normal. I think that I also have symptoms of the Von Willebrands disease as well. I am really struggling right now. I feel that this has an effect on my ability to care for my baby. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas as to what might be wrong. Thanks!


Charleyfrankeymom - October 16

Hello Lara and others - I am experiencing the same symptoms - getting really dizzy, last night was really bad - and sweating like crazy - i am thinking that it is just my hormones getting back in order - i hope it is - can anyone give me an update on their situation please? Did it get better?


puddin12052005 - November 10

I am experiencing all of the same symptoms. I had an MRI and they found nothing. I am going for bloodwork. lararobin you said that you did find out what was wrong. Please share. Thank you.


emac - November 10

I am now six months postpartum. For me it was severe anemia and B12 deficiency. I went to a cardiologist and have a heart murmer due to medication I took to delay preterm labor. My condition improved greatly when I stopped b___st feeding. I have slowly improved but still get tired easily. Take heart that it has improved.


MikeyMay - February 8

I would love to know how you are all doing now. I hope that time has healed you all. lararobin you left your number and I thought about calling but didn't want to just call out of the blue. I've had the same symptoms starting 3 months post partum and I have been living with this for 4 months now so it is really starting to wear on me. I am now suffering from depression because I feel like I will never get better. It all started when my monthly cycle started up again which leads me to believe it is hormone related. Many people are telling me it will go away when I stop b___stfeeding but I am not willing to stop b___stfeeding to test that theory. I plan to start weaning when my son is a year old so if that is the reason I will find out soon enough. Basically I am light headed/dizzy pretty much 24/7. I don't have vertigo I just feel really foggy and light headed. I usually feel ok when I first wake up in the morning but as the day goes on I feel worse and worse. By the time I go to bed I feel drunk and spaced out. I also feel better when I move around sometimes but I sometimes feel like I just stepped off a treadmill. I also feel slight ringing in my ears, mild headaches, I get head pressure (like sinus) and get a tingling feeling in my scalp and tongue sometimes. I've had so many tests and no doctor is able to figure out what is wrong with me....I've gone to ENT's, Neuros, you name it. I've had my hearing checked, had a VNG, tons of blood tests, sinus xray, etc...all normal. I stay hydrated, eat right, take vitamins (extra B12 and iron just in case b/c that has helped others). I recently started taking probiotics but so far I don't feel any different. Next week I will see someone that practices alternative medicine. I am at the point that I would try anything to just feel normal again!


sbertram - February 8

So I am pretty sure you have what I have which is migraine a__sociated vertigo without the headache (MAV) neuro-otologists (I think is what they are called- a neuro-otologist/ENT can diagnose it). I went to both a neuroentologist and a neuro-opthamologist and they have the same consensus. Verapamil is the drug that has saved me. It takes 6-8 weeks to kick in but see if that does the trick. There are very little side effects. Good luck


Hazza29 - February 20

MickeyMay - I am dizzy/lightheaded all the time too. Mine has been coming and going over the last 3.5 years! But has recently intensified over the last 4 months (I had my baby in July 2010). The last 3 weeks it's been really bad and so depressing. I have had some blood work done and an MRI but it was all clear. I also b___stfeed, so I'm hoping once I wean my son (when he's 1) I'll feel better. But then again, I have been feeling like this on and off for a few years (prior to being pregnant) and no drs seem to know what's going on. Sometimes I think it's anxiety related, but if anything, I feel anxious from feeling dizzy. I once tried Lexapro and it made me feel really nausous, so I stopped taking it after a few days. I really want answers, but I'm sick of going too the doctors and sounding like a hypocondriac. It's terrible feeling so foggy and lightheaded, I just want to enjoy my time being a new mum and not dread the dizziness every day.


Lyns - July 28

MikeyMay, have you found any resolution? I have exactly the same symptoms, ringing in the ears, pressure in the head and dizziness. I've become so depressed. I can't eat and I wake up every morning at 3am dizzy and cant' go back to sleep. I've had every possible test done... I'd love to hear how everyone is doing??


Lyns - July 29

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Sorry you have had to deal with this also!! This is my second child and I don't think any mother should have to suffer through this or PPD. It is just nice to know there are others out there like me. Mine started two weeks ago (10 weeks PP). I definitely have spiraled in to a deep state of depression and anxiety. I am seeing two different therapists (one for PPD and one for anxiety - two different takes on it). They have me on Klonopin and Celexa. We will see if that helps. I did finally sleep last night through the night for the first time in 4 days! My insomnia was getting horrible. I would wake up at 3am and it was like someone turned on a light switch in my brain and wouldn't shut it off. Most thoughts are all related to the dizziness and feeling something is very wrong with me. Now that I have read so many posts I am starting to understand this is more common than I first realized which is helping. I stopped b___st feeding when I started the meds which was a week ago. I am pumping because my body is still producing. I'll let you know if I see any changes as that winds down. As for the dizzy feeling..I don't feel like the room is spinning..it is more like a fuzzy/tingling feeling and I get ringing in my ears. I've had all the test done and then some. Everything looks great! Crazy that this is happening to so many women, but there is nothing out there to address this condition. The only thing I have noticed is the vertigo migraine which my neurologist said nothing about. I do plan to go back to him on that when he is in next week. Keep me updated if you find any solutions or have any changes and I will do the same!



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