Healing Process

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Renee924 - January 29

I had my baby 3 and a half weeks ago, and I tore a bit and had st_tches. I notice that sometimes I feel like I have something in the va___a, almost like when you have a tampon in and you can kind of feel it. But usually I feel almost totally normal. I was in the shower the other day, and washing down there and apparently, the right side where I tore the most, is all puffy still on the inside, right where the opening is. I guess I'm a bit concerned, because usually i feel normal...I'm worried that by my 6 week check up, it won't be back to normal, and that resuming s_xual activities will take longer or be more painful. Does anyone else have this? or know if it's normal? I've gone back to sitting on the boppy pillow to keep presure off of the area.


Lala - January 30

I'm not sure of an answer for you. I have st_tches inside too, but I'm only 1+ week PP. Have you gotten any answers?


J_A_D_E_N - January 30

yea im not sure of the answer etheir because im going through the same thing but i had the WORST tear its been 3 wks today and i feel its going to take foever and a lifetime before i heal. just let me know if your question is answered. :)


disneymommy79 - February 1

With my first I had stiches , I dont remember feeling like that and at 3 weeks pp I was almost ready to to start having s_x again. I only waited tell alittle over 4 weeks. :\ I would call your doctor just to make sure everything is fine and you dont have in infection of begining of one. I hope you feel better soon.


Kelly S - February 1

i would get it looked at by your doctor but my bubs is seven weeks old now and at the three week stage i thought i was never gonna feel normal ever again.... i know what you mean about feeling like something is there.... i have not resume s_xual activities out of fear lol cos i have been told it will hurt but other than that everything feels normal.. i think if you wait that extra couple of weeks you will feel fine... its amazing the difference it makes


singlem0m - February 7

Hmm..you may want to call your dr. I had that feeling that something was in my va-jay-jay but that was just my st_tches. The kind of fell out rather than dissolved. But I'm 3 1/2 weeks and I'm no longer sore. Better safe than sorry


sagekelli - February 19

i went to my doc 5 days pp cause my right side hurt a lot more and i thought it was infected. they said it was fine but 6weeks pp they tell me scar tissue built up a little and prevented a tiny spot from healing. lame. well they put silver nitrate or something on it to help it heal, didn't hurt at all and about 5 days later all was well down there finally. oh and even before that one spot felt better s_x was not painful, but i was terrified at first. check with your doc and good luck



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