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? - September 19

This is my first day alone with my daughter my husband went back to work today and I feel like I'm going crazy. It was easier w/ him here because we could take turns now she is completely relying on me until he gets home. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that haveing this baby was a mistake and I feel so guilty I just start crying. I would never hurt her in and haven't even thought about it. I guess I liked it when it was me and my husband and we could pick up and go whenever we wanted which obviously we can't do anymore. God I feel so selfious. When does being a mom become fun or enjoyable? Will I feel this way forever. I feel I'm loseing control of myself.


Kevyn - September 20

well, first off, being a mom DOES get more fun the older your baby gets, hands down. if you feel abnormally stressed, you should still talk to your doctor because they can tell you ways to help. right now, you are probably just very sleep deprived for starters. maybe you arent exactly eating healthy? these things are important, but very hard to accomplish. simple things like taking a shower or bath everyday without worrying about how your new baby is are a really big help. whenever your husband is home from work, ask him to watch the baby for like a half hour to an hour so you can get some 'you time' take a walk, read a book, nap, shower, gab on the phone with a girlfriend, etc. it will help i promise! i have 21 month old and a 2 month old and i get very little help from their dad (we are not married) ive been back to work for 3 weeks and im going crazy too! if you could imagine... you are not alone and many moms feel this way. i can almost guarantee that its mostly from sleep deprivation. once your baby starts sleep better (and you do too) you will feel much better and will all of a sudden seem like you have more time for the stuff you want AND need to get done. k? but hey, im NOT a doctor. this is just friendly mother to mother advice. i have two boys. most days, im a wreck but it also helps me to read about how my babies will be when they are older ages, like 6 months and 3 years... stuff like that. it gives me something to aim for :) if you need any baby advice, i know ALOT. email me if you want [email protected] take care!


s - September 28

my husband went back to work when our baby was less tahtn a week old. and she alawys seems to know when he gets home (she is 51/2 mo) she wont go to sleep without playing with him. anyway if felt abandend at first but now that she is a little older and can play a little it is getting more fun i still get bored sometimes but there is still chores



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