Help PPD And No Support

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Mommiex20803 - November 9

Alright Im tired of having all this c__p in my life...alright im sorry but i really need to vent a little. So my son is 3 months old now and ever since day one i have had some baby blues...and recently i have had a non stop depressed feeling...with whatever i has effected my life..from me not eating..(which by the way im br___tfeeding so i NEED to eat..but i just cant) and i just dont even want to get out of bed...the house isnt getting cleaned...i get very very stressed with my three year old...and even sometimes i dont want anything to do with my kids (i hate hate hate when i feel like that)..and of course after i stop having that feeling the whole i feel like a bad mom and when i start feeling like that i feel like a bad wife because i dont keep up with the house and what on top of all that i have my mom who cant drive...always asking me to take her somewhere..but anyways i just hate how everyone im around doesnt seem to believe me that i have ppd...(i was already told by a doctor that i have it and prescribed anti-depressants...which i havent taken because my son's doctor said that i either quit br___tfeeding and take the medicine or continue br___tfeeding and not take the medicine) mother in law...friends...nobody seems to believe it...and/or care...what in the world am i suppose to do to make them understand and support me?! ugh well i guess thats all for now...thanks


nicolasa1786 - November 10

Hey Mommiex20803... Im sorry to hear about everything. I know how hard it can be when you think you have something wrong and everyone looks at you like youre insane! And it never really seems like they care much either. Since I do not know the entire story, my only advice to you can be to weigh out your options. How determined are you to b___stfeed your child? I understand how important b___stfeeding is... but your children deserve a happy mother... both of them! You have to be happy as well. You have so much to live for.... and I think maybe your "support group" needs to listen to you more. I would suggest telling them how you have been feeling and that you really need them to be there for you at a time like this. And let them know you have gone to the doc's and already been prescribed medication. Having your "support group" on your side can make things so much easier for you. good luck to you... hope all goes well.


kristina1980 - November 14

hi mommiex, I understand how you feel, because I was there. My daugter is 3 month 6 days, and I suffered from depression before I got pregnant. I managed my pregnancy without meds, and I hoped to live without meds ever after. HOwever when Tiara was not even 3 weeks the PPD hit me so bad I thought I'm not gonna make it. my hubby didn't believe in PPD and my mom either. however I knew if I don't help myself quick it will affect my daughter. I went back on Paxil immediately, stopped b___stfeeding and in a week I started to feel much better. my daugter didn't even noticed. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF. even if it means to stop b___stfeeding. your baby feels it believe or not, and it might have major impact on your relationship with your kids. SEvere PPD that doesn't go away in a week or so, is not that common but usually 10% of women suffer from it. I am one of them. And I don't feel ashamed. I feel good now, and i am enjoying being a first time mom. I rather be on meds all my life, that neglect my child and husband because of the way I feel. GEt help ASAP. Good luck


GloriaD - November 30

you are not alone! I gave birth to my third child on September 3rd and the following two weeks were hell, literally. I had ppd with my second child (I took Paxil for it with her) but I wanted to bfeed so I was prescribed zoloft this time around. It messed me up so bad! My body didn't like it so to counteract it I took Reglan. The two of them were detramental to me! I was anxious, nervous, jumping out of my skin, had insomnia, etc. So after day 10 I went to the ER ( sister is a nurse there) and we had a long discussion. I decided to switch back to paxil and to stop bfeeding. The whole thing was awful because I too had guilt with how I was feeling. I wanted to bfeed so badly and felt awful that I was a "defective mom" that needed the paxil. My pediatrician told me that the number one thing a child needs isn't b___stmilk, its a happy mommy. Kids do well and grow just fine with formula. So many people in my life looked at me as if I was flawed, like I chose to have these awful hormones!!! Nobody understood my situation. The first week on the paxil it does make you drowsy but after that you adjust and believe me, you will feel like a new woman, capable of handling your mom and wife duties, and of being a happy and nurturing mom. (wow, not so sure that should be one sentence but I'm tired!) I don't write in on this forum too often but I just had to let you know that I've been there too and I sure hope everything gets better soon for you! Thanks for posting because I honestly thought I was the only one who had to go through all of this!! Hey Kristina, your story sounds similar to mine! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well now too!



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