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candace87 - March 25

Hi i have a question in regards to ppd. I used to have depression really bad and anxitey too. I used to take medication to treat it and now i don't as i feel that i don't have it anymore and i have found ways to overcome it without meds now my questions is that am i at risk for ppd bc of the past bc i am trying to concieve and i don't want to be depressed after. thanks


kimberly - March 27

Your risk would be higher but it don't mean you will get it. Everyone handles stress and a new baby differently. You need to have a good support system and make sure your Dr. is aware of your past depression. That way if it does become a problem your Dr., friends, and family will be able to step in and help you. Good Luck trying to concieve!


Malica - March 29

Yes, you are at higher risk (I was too), but having worked through depression before you are better equipped to deal with it should you get PPD. It'll be easier for you to recognize it, and I would think that someone who's been depressed before would have less of a hard time asking for help when they need it. And like Kimberly says, it's just an increased risk -- it's not a guarantee you'll get PPD. I had 3 major depressive episodes from the ages of 17 to 23 (two of which I was medicated for) as well as an ongoing social anxiety. I went through the typical "baby blues" right after birth, but didn't get PPD.


Floricica - June 3

I wouldnt worry. Just make sure you have everyone around that loves you and always remember that your baby needs your love and you care. All the best of luck. let us know if your pregnant!


csws347 - September 3

You are NOT at higher risk. I was on anti depressants before pregnancy and after having my daughter, my hormones changed. I am incredibly happy, even when i'm stressed. Even if you do get ppd, there is treatment. But, like I said, your hormones change so much during and after pregnancy, so you can never guess. So long as you have friends and family to support you and you make sure you speak to your doctor about all your emotions, you will be fine.



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