How Long Does It Take To Get Back To Pre Pregnancy Weight

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lexa - May 19

They say (as someone else also mentioned) 9 months to put on the weight and 9 months to take it off. It really depends on the woman and how her lifestyle is. If you were active and not real overweight or didn't gain a tremendous amount of weight, it will come off quicker and easier. If you gained a lot of weight and are pretty much sedentary, it will take a lot longer. With my first pg, I only gained 20 pounds and left the hospital almost at my pre-pg weight. However, stomach was bloated and no pants fit for almost a month:-( I did b___stfeed which may have helped a little along the way. When you b___stfeed, your body does burn a lot of extra calories (which is why they say you lose a lot of weight quicker). However what they fail to mention is that you are more hungry from that and consume more calories. They say when b___stfeeding also, it contracts the uterus which helps the stomach muscles tighten back up quicker.Anyway, Its only been 3 weeks. Don't get discouraged at all. If you are exercising, it will be gone before you know it! (sorry for the long entry)


foxhoundsrgr8 - July 28

I was back in my pants (size1-2) the day I came home from hospital. I weigh about 2.5 lbs more than I did before I got pregnant though..


chiechie25 - July 28

It took me 9 months to lose all the weight. I gained a total of 50 lbs. and lost 30 lbs. within 6 weeks. The last 5-10 lbs. are the hardest to lose. Even though I did lose all of my weight I still couldn't fit in some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I can't see in the mirror that I look different, but I know my clothes do not fit the same.


Kspa - August 17

I'm 2 weeks postpartum and have lost 23 of the 24 pounds I gained. So it is possible!


kking13 - June 17

First of all, I must say that whoever determined "25-35 pounds" of weight loss was the ideal ratio for a healthy woman was definitely not in tune with reality. When I got pregnant, I was a very athletic 5'5", 135 lbs, running 3-5 miles daily and eating healthy. During pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs, eating healthy and continuing my workout routine until the end of my second trimester. I was seriously stressed out my entire pregnancy as the scale kept going up and up, seemingly without my control. When I went to the doctor, I felt guilty and shamed about my "excessive" weight gain. Well, I gave birth 4 weeks ago and have already lost 40 lbs without even trying. And, the scale keeps going down and down every time I weigh myself. I am b___stfeeding. I just want to encourage all you pregnant women out there to be healthy and work out and eat right and to not be concerned about the scale. I anticipate being back to pre-pregnancy weight by 3 months postpartum, even with a 50 lb weight gain. Blessings!


SParlor - August 4

IT depends on the person. Of course for about 2 months you have to take it easy right after childbirth but after that you should be able to start some light exercises to help accelerate the weight loss process. Also; postpartum garments are helpful and other compression garments like the body magic migh help to put your organs back in place, compress the abdomen and facilitate weight loss.


Rusty - August 21

Hi - new to this forum .. thought I'd share my experience after reading some of your posts... Was always size 8/10, 9 stone for as long as can remember, weight never went up, weight never went down (I am 34). Fell pregnant (first baby and he was born mid Nov 2009) and I ballooned pretty quickly. Anyway think I went up to just over 14 stone in the end... I was very depressed with my weight. I did b___stfeed and couldnt understand why I was not losing weight (despite EVERYONE telling me they lost LOADS whilst b___stfeeding). My weight initially came off over a few stages - lost almost 2 stone immediately after birth, and then almost a stone 3 months later and then nothing for ages. It was only after I stopped b___stfeeding (when my wee boy was 7.5 months) that I noticed my shape properly changing and ibs falling off slowly. Anyway, each body reacts differently to pregnancy. I went from 9 stone to 14 stone and was VERY active during my pregnancy, walking my dogs for an hr in the evening,walking home from work etc etc. Still got huge. Breastfed for 7.5 months and was still very chunky. It's only really now that I am getting back into my favourite skinny jeans and I see my shape/ curves coming back and my wee boy has just turned 9 months. I now only need to lose 4 ibs so for me it definately is 9 months on, 9 months off (I would be lying if I said I was eating well and exercising lol, although I love to walk which helps). I don't think the b___stfeeding really helped me lose weight but again every body reacts differently to these changes.


poison_ivy - May 11

I'm 17 and about to have my baby boy at the end of this month . I wanted to know how long it might take for me ? I was around 125 prepregnancy & I topped off at 171 , but have went down to around 165 . I plan on b___stfeeding & joining a gym . Anything else you think I should do ?


Bbycks304 - July 1

I had my daughter 2 mnths ago n I gained almost 60lbs I started out at about 135 (and I never gained weight on a regular basis nor did I exercise regularly I have always been the same Weight. ) at the end of my pregnancy I was 189 . After having her the next day I was 177.. N when I weighed in my 6 post pardem check up I was 157 . I Dnt think I've lost any more weight . How long would it take to drop that extra 25lbs?


mariacollins - July 10

My pre-pregnancy weight was 128 lbs, by the end of my pregnancy, I weighed 167 pounds. My daughter was born on May 25th, today (July 10th), I weigh 140 pounds. I started my workout/diet on July 3rd and lost 3 pounds the first week. The only exercising I've been doing is walking/jogging. I plan to take some group fitness cla__ses next week. My goal is to be back down to my prepreggo weight by the time my daughter is 3 months, I have 12 pounds to go...


Loulou85 - October 5

My first born helped me lose weight through b___st feeding... it really does work wonders!! I got skinnier than what I was before my pregnancy and I wasn't even dieting.. I b___st fed for 12 months.. My second baby (born 18 months after my first), a little girl, I only b___st fed her to about 4 months.. she is 6 months old now, and although I was back to my normal weight a few months ago, I am finding it a little harder to maintain the body (without baby sucking out all the nutrients).. I've got to watch what I eat a bit more.


AnitaLynn - October 19

My son just turned a year old, I b___st fed him for the whole year and never lost weight, my pre-pregnacy weight was 120 I am currently 130.I was under the impression that if you b___st feed you will be more likley to loose weight. What would be the best advice to lose the extra ten puonds so I can fit in my pre-pregnacy clothes.


Loulou85 - October 19

Hiya, I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and flexibility instructor.. I would recommend cardio.. After my daughter was born I got on a stationary bike for 20 mins each day and this got my metabolism working like crazy. After my son was born I went for long walks with him in the pram.. and for a bit of cardio now I just push them in a double pram. The suburb which we live has a fair few hills, this really helps. Just walk, ride, move, clean faster.. anything that gets your heart rate up for an extended period of time. If you keep your diet exactly the same, with the added exercise you should definitely drop a few pounds. And then just modify your diet a bit.. smaller portions... clean it up, meaning no junk food, nice fresh food without added sauces and marinades.. Chicken, meat, big salads with no dressings (with squeeze of lemon juice), some salt for taste.. moderation. Less sugar.. so if you drink coffee with sugar, try use half your normal amount of sugar.. Any little change will help, especially if you're doing the excersie along with it.


penny30 - February 14

As most of you have said, it depends on the individual. If it's your first baby, it's easier to lose most of the baby weight after giving birthd, within 6 weeks. The belly does feel loser so it would require exercise to get it flatter.I was also told that b___st feeding helps the new mother to lose weight but I wasn't able to b___stfeed. After my second baby I put on more weight and this time it was harder to lose it. It took 6 months to lose the flab but I definitely didn't get back to the weight I was when I got married. So don't worry. As long as you stay active and don't eat food that will make you put on weight, you should be back to your normal size, bar a few lbs.


Shea-n-Ezra - March 4

I had my son 9 days ago, and for the last 2 nights I've been losing 2 - 3 pounds overnight. I don't think I'm being overly active. Walking, cleaning, carrying him around, ect. Is this normal? Or should I be worried?


Egovin - March 14

I had my baby 2months,bt am kind of worried wit my weight loss. My tommy hasnt gone bck normal. Plz i intend takin red yeast by edmark product n also lipton as tea 2 help loss weight, will it affect my baby since am b___stfedin n intend doing mummy friendly 6months?



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