How Much Pain Is Normal For Hemorrhoids

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Lala - March 7

Yikes! These hurt! I had them during the pregnancy, but not like this. I got a new one a couple of days ago, and there are times the stinging is so bad I feel like I can't take it. I had my 6 weeks PP check up yesterday, and we talked about it. He ordered some steroid ointment for me (which seems to make the stinging worse) and did a rectal exam YIKES that was unomfortable to say the least! There is at least one inside too. Since the exam, the bad one has at least doubles in size! Is that normal to grow so much; maybe it's from the irritation of the exam? Anyone can relate?


Lala - March 7

Oh, and I just thought I'd add that I did make it through labor and delivery without an epidural (so I guess I'm just saying that I don't tend to be low pain tolerance).


Lala - March 8

Well, in case anyone was wondering, I found out that the pain was not normal. I went to the doc's office today, and found out that it had thrombosed. It had a blood clot; that's why it hurt so badly. Usually, they send you to a surgeon to get it lanced, but mine seems much improved today; so we'll just watch it for a while. She ordered me some pain med for the mean time.


no11s - March 16

I'm glad you found out what it was Lala... that's scary. Hope it heals well.


Lala - March 16

Thank-you! so far, so good (except that they stay as these ugly skin flaps after they stop hurting) I think I'll have to have them removed by a surgeon later. My OB/GYN said to wait until 12 weeks PP and if they are still there, he will refere me to a surgeon. Boy, I never knew I'd have this problem.


Janny - March 19

LaLa - do they really stay around as skin flaps? Mine has gone down - but not totally disappearing. Great - another wonderful byproduct of labor and delivery.


Lala - March 19

Well, I don't know for sure if they always/sometimes/usually do. I have the one from my pregnancy, and it is now nothing but an ugly not-so-little skin colored flap. I hate it! The other seems to be shrinking away (instead of deflating into a flap).


shea4 - April 25

i have a question, How do you see them? are you using a mirror or is your husband looking at them. My baby is a year old so It is not like I just went through labor and delivery. I have never had them before but I am so uncomfortable...and embarressed. I don't want my husband checking me out down there!


singlem0m - April 27

Goodness thats no fun! I'm glad you found out what it was instead of just dealing with the pain. I wish you well on the road to recovery.


steph207 - May 4

oh that makes me nervous, I go for my 6 week checkup in 3 days and I have the same feelings. I can hardly sit down and they look just awful (yeah I check them out in a mirror ha). I thought they shoud be down by now. When I stand they hurt, when I sit they hurt...there is no comfortable position.


MaryM - May 30

are they unavoidable if you give birth naturally?


steph207 - June 8

I don't think everyone gets them, just pray you don't they are awful. I'm actually going to a dr for them next week, somethings got to be done. I'm 10 weeks pp and they are just as bad as they've ever been.



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