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austynsmommy - January 7

I am 3 weeks postpartem and three days ago me and hubby finally had s_x and the condom broke. Is it commen to ovulate 3 weeks postpartem? I wouldn't mind being pregnant again.


clindholm - January 9

Congrats on your baby! Alot of women get their period back by their 6 week check up so it is possible to ovulate that early. Just keep in mind that it is really not good for your health to become pregnant again so soon after delivery. One year to 16 months after delivery is recommended to avoid certain risk for the baby as well as yourself. Usually they do not recommend resuming s_x until 6 weeks postpartum.


margie - January 12

yes it is very possible! although it is wonderful that you would not be unhappy if it did happen, it is true that it is not in your best interest to get pregnant right away health wise...also keep in mind that the hormones produced post partum will give you a feeling like you want to become pregnant again immediately and as soon as your hormones level off you may realize that its not for the least thats what happened to me and i fought it. congratulations on your baby! :-)


alirenee86 - January 23

I hope you're pregnant!! I have 2 boys 11 month apart and the 2nd was 2 weeks late! So I got pregnant again right away. YOu can get pregnant SO easily right after you have a baby. We are so happy they're going to grow up so close together!! It's wonderful! Keep us posted!


alirenee86 - January 23

Also, I had NO complications whatsoever and had extrememly healthy and wonderful pregnancies with both. So although it may sound bad for your body to not get a 'break', if you're healthy, you can do it again as successfully as the first. We didn't plan it that way but are happy it happened like that.


alirenee86 - January 23

...Just looking at the other posts about your question. I don't think either of them had another right after their first so no offense, but they don't really know what they're talking about. I think it's actually BETTER right away because your body is already stretched and knows exactly what to do again. Unless you had a complicated or bad 1st pregnancy, it's just like carrying for 18 months instead of 9!! It's tiring and I admit by the end, I was over being pregnant but my body went right back to being pregnant with my 2nd as if it never really stopped. Did everything exaclty as it was supposed to again and my ob/.gyn's even said that the muscle memory is there so it would probably be even easier- and it was!! If you wouldn't mind or even want to be pregnant again- that's wonderful for you if you are. I do think it's true what Margie said about your homones wanting to feel pregnant again. I missed being pregnant right after my 1st and was happy when I found out I was pregnant again. It's not for everybody I'm sure. But if you want it, that's great! I am getting a contraceptive IUD in next month because I'm paranoid about getting pregnant again! MAYBE in a couple of years. Maybe. Irish Twins!! (2 kids less than 1 year apart)


austynsmommy - January 29

I still haven't started my period. I am so dang emotional and very tired. Going to take a pregnancy test in a couple days if I don't start.


clindholm - January 30

Austynsmommy- Good luck hun, I hope you get the result you want! Please let us know how it goes! alirenee86- I did not just dream up what I typed earlier, this is information provided by medical professionals which I doubt that you are. I am glad that you did not have any complications.



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