I Could Really Use Some Advice Very Sad

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Fatima - July 7

This is quite a long story, and I would appreciate somebodys advice. My bf was living with a woman and they had 2 kids, but they never got along and she was always leaving him. When she said she was leaving forever we started going out together and we fell in love. He was the type of person who didnt want to get married until he found the correct person, that is why he never married this woman. But he wanted to marry me. When she found out she came back to him, but he told her he didnt love her, that he was in love with me. We are in mexico and she lives in texas so he was going to take her back home. When he went back he was arrested for some charges he had pending in texas. She knew he would get arrested, that is why she insisted on him taking her home. She wanted him arrested so that she could separate us and we would forget about each other. But that didnt happen because I was a month pregnant. We wrote to each other while he was there, planning our new life together, how we would never leave each other. He was also sorry that he couldnt be with me during the pregnancy and but that he would be there for the rest of our lives. He was given 9 months, so he wasnt there during the labor. I was really sad during the whole pregnancy because he wasnt here. I was always in contact with his mom and she told me how his ex was saying that she was going to go back with him. She also kept calling me to tell me to forget him because they were supposedly going to get married. I didnt believe her so I ignored her. It has been 2 weeks since he was released and deported back here to mexico and I have not heard from him. His mom told me that his ex came with him and told him that his kids needed him and that the oldest cried every night for him and called him while he was asleep. So he told her he would give her another chance, for their kids. I was shocked to hear this, because we have a newborn and I thought he was dying to meet him and to be with me. I was always dreaming of when he came back how beautiful it would be when we reunited. His mom also told me that he is scared to see me, but that he would still give our son his last name and that he would help me out financially. But that he wanted to look for me once he had a job because he didnt want to just come back empty handed. I have been really depressed, crying every night since this happened. I have so many things to tell him and to ask him why he did this to us. I was also going to tell him that I would forgive him if he came back to me, or if he doesnt he can forget about me forever. I know that after talking to him, he might change his mind and after meeting his son, since there is love between us, he would come back. But then for some reason, I thought, God brought us in this world to help others. This lady doesnt have anybody to help her out, nobody wanted her with her kids and she was having a hard time. But his mom says she only wants to be with him, because she doesnt have anyone to support her. So I had decided to sacrifice my happiness for his happiness, and if being with his other kids makes him happy, then I didnt want to interfere. I wanted to help his kids be with his dad, and help her to also be happy. Then the next day, I wanted to do the same thing I had decided at first, because I may want to sacrifice my happiness, but why should I sacrifice my son as well. He deserves to be with his dad also, and we love each other. So I really dont know what to do. I am so confused. I dont know if I should fight for him and our happiness, or should I just let him go. I cant imagine my life without him. Can anyone please give me advice...



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