I Feel Left Out

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Heather - August 2

My husband works and when he comes home he can be grouch and be mean. But most of the time he takes his anger out on me. And he ignores me but pays attention to our son what should I do?


Shea - June 24

You should see a theripist. If you can't afford one, go to your county mental health center. They will see you for free. They should also have a hotline staffed by a professional. Hope everything works out for you.


sara - June 26

Let him know how it makes you feel. Try to include yourself in their activities.


Lilly - July 4

You should try to talk to him. My husband hates his job and at times b__ws up at me. I don't take it personal. Try to get a sitter for your son and cook a romantic dinner or even better go out for a few hours. Ask him if he would like to talk about his frustration. I ask my husband "are you mad at me?" and 99% of the time it's his job that has him p__sed at the world. Good luck


cakes - August 2

I don't care what your husbands excuse about work is, he has no right to yell at you all the time, being grumpy is one thing but being mean is another...


jason - December 14

Some times men are so strange I'm even guilty of it. We always take out anger on the ones we LOVE we really don't mean to it just happens. Until I found the LORD Jesus Christ I always used to be a grouch I just felt like nothing went my way. I would just PRAY and belive in a change not only in him but also myself because sometimes we dont realize we have bad attuides ourself.


Lisa - December 16

God has nothing to do with it!! A lot of men come home from work feeling tired and a bit grumpy. Try not to take it personally, and tell him that you feel left out, he probably doesn't realise, he may feel that you just want some time out from the baby? He won't know unless you tell him, they can't read your mind. :o)


Jason - December 16

Lisa is right God doen't have nothing to with it. It's an evil spirit that needs to be delt with and until you and him seeks God divine will for both of you and put it in his hands then your like a tumble weed b__wing in the wind. I belive that God can do all things and I know he answers prays. If you don't have a relationship with him it would be a good chance to start one. Gods love is so awsome.


Connie - February 10

I have the same problem, my husband is a real jerk to me too. I am 8 months pregnant and he spends everyday with his mom and dad. I can't even call him during my lunch hour. He either will not answer his cell phone or he is too busy to talk to me. He works nights and maybe will call me on his lunch. But usually not. If I complain about it to him he is also mean and says horrible things to me too. I have moved away to a different state to be away from my family and friends and now he is taking advantage of the situation. I know that I have married a pig, and this is what gets me through it. I think if I would not have met this jerk then I wouldn't be having this baby that I am going to love more than anything.


Alisha - September 2

Tell him when he is being mean and to please be nicer to you.



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