I Give Up

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Mommyto1 - June 28

well i dont know where to start....well first off i'll say that i know i dont have postpartum but i didnt know where else to put this but....lately everyone around me is making me feel like a bad mother....im a teen mom so its pretty hard for me....im 18 years old and i just graduated from high school....i have an 19 month old son...who is extremely busy! but lately my mom ( i still live with her)....has been saying mean stuff like "your not watching YOUR son like your suppose to..." and " you need to take more responsibilty around here for your son " "i think you need to actually come and watch him instead of me watching him all day" and mean stuff like that but yet im ALWAYS around him...watching him...feeding him....changing him...bathing him.....and all that but yet i still get attacked!....what do i say or do?? we normally end up arguing because im tired of hearing it and freak out on her.....and then lately my son hasnt been wanting to eat as much as he normally does at my house...but he'll eat extremely good at my fiance's house...i mean im not doing anything different/wrong and i just want to know why he isnt doing it as much as he used to.....i asked my fiance this morning what am i doing wrong and he said maybe feed him better food...(which im extremely insulted/hurt by that) i feed him better than i do myself....and he eats more often than me.....and he was like why dont you actually do this...and blah blah blah all this reallie makes me feel like a bad mom....i dont know what to do anymore... my son is my life...but i always feel so lousy :( any suggestions???


Suzanne - June 28

I think it is time to get your own place.


jas - July 5

It's possible he eats better at your bf house because there is less stress... Babies pick up on all kinds of things. Try to not let what others are saying get to you. Do what you need to do. Instead of freaking out at your mom, why not call her on what she is saying. The next time she tells you you are not watching your son, ask her to explain - tell her you are watching him. Is she watching him while you go to school/work during the day or are you there all day? If you are out, offer her money (like a daycare) or find someone else to watch him.


ren05 - July 5

hi, don't worry so much what others think, i know it's hard not to but if u know you r doing the right thing then thats all that matters.


torbman - July 14

I agree with Suzanne, it is definatly time to get your own place. And good for you for graduating. Some would just say forget it. I don't know you but I am proud of you!!!! :) (Tamara)


kvilendrer - July 17

sweetheart, you will always have someone correcting everything you do. I have family members (my husband's side) that are always correcting me. It hurt my feelings so much, but i finally told them not to give me their advice or opinions unless I asked for it. Good luck sweetie and don't let people make you feel like a bad mother.



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