I Have The Sweetest Man

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Andrea E - May 8

my man is so good to me. but some times i find my self biteing his head off when i talk to him. I m 9 weeks and i dont feel like me. how can i help to tame this moody monster?


KLK - May 12

I am with you Andrea.. my husband is patient, kind and sweet. I am almost 12 weeks, and am sooo irritable! I fly off the handle for no reason at all, and when I catch myself doing it - it's so hard to stop. I just have to go and be alone for awhile when it happens, so I don't make everyones life miserable. I wish there was a cure for this, I am always so level headed.


Andrea - May 12

I know it is a hard thing to try and keep under wraps. Good thing that our mans are so understanding and patient. i hope that it all will level out soon and again i will be me and feel like me as of now i dont. Congrats on your new baby KLK!


KLK - May 14

Andrea - congrats to you too! It is so strange to be feeling this way - especially for so long. With my first pregnancy, I didn't have this at all. I feel my moods changing quickly too, I am very emotional at times, and others am not. Is that happening to you too? Anyway, glad to hear I am not suffering alone (even though I wouldn't wish this on anyone!). Good Luck to you - and me - and to all others that are going through this awful stage. I do agree andrea, we are lucky to have such patient guys around to help support.


Brandon - June 24

can aman get pregnant for the 9months that a girl carries


michelle - June 30

I understand how your feeling Andrea.Im 22 weeks pregnant and the whole time ive had extreme blues and moods.I find myself taking my partner the wrong way all the time with what he sais to me and i cry all the time over nothing.I was starting to thing i had a serious problem until i seen other people go through the same problems.I find that keeping yourself busy helps and write down ,daily,your feelings and try to bite your tounge when you feel angry.



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